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The Turning Point USA has put together some activism ideas for TPUSA chapters, although you are not limited to the ideas listed here.

Campus Activism Program

Participate in Turning Point USA’s thematic activism campaign to educate your peers about important issues. All you need is a table, an activism kit, and a small group of students.  Pick a day to set-up a table, organize your supplies, and start distributing our flyers, posters, stickers, buttons, and booklets! You’ll be educating your peers, promoting limited government, and re-branding our ideas on your campus.  TPUSA will supply all the materials as well as on-campus staff support.

Bring a Speaker to Campus

One of the best ways to educate your peers is by bringing a speaker to campus. TPUSA is here to help you find the perfect speaker for your campus and your budget. From U.S. Congressmen to radio show hosts and policy experts, we have someone for you! Contact our National Student Groups Coordinator, Allie Hall, at [email protected] to learn more about speaker opportunities for your group.

Drowning in Debt Event

For this you’ll need a dunk tank, some poster board, and a group of energetic students. Set-up your event in a high-traffic area on campus and ask your peers if they know each student’s share of the national debt. If they guess correctly, they can dunk someone in the dunk tank.

Campus Debates

Are some students still convinced that socialism is better? Have the two sides debate in an organized setting. The debate can be between two professors, two students, or two policy experts. Feel free to contact our National Student Groups Coordinator, Allie Hall, at [email protected] for assistance.

Human Debt Clock

Most students don’t know that the U.S. is over $18 trillion in debt.  Show your peers just how big our debt is by making a human debt clock.  All you need is poster board, dark markers, and a team of students to help hold the signs.  Be sure to get a picture of your debt clock!

Free Speech Wall/Protest

Does your campus have unconstitutional speech codes? Tell your peers that the real free speech zone is America by setting up a wall (with a white board, tri-fold board, or any other similar item) and allow students to write freely.  To protest your free speech zone, hand out pocket U.S. Constitutions outside of your school’s designated “free speech zone.”

If you have any ideas you would like to share, please contact our National Student Groups Coordinator, Allie Hall, at [email protected].