Annie Alexander

Annie is the College Administrative Director.   Love of country and conservative values came natural to Annie.  Annie was born Analise Alexander on Andrews Air Force Base to two Judge Advocate General officers.  Raised by parents who were not only military but also attorneys meant that spirited debate over issues and a strong work ethic were par for the course in the Alexander household.  Annie’s Dad is a proud Iraq war veteran and has served in township politics for almost two decades and her Mom served as a state deputy attorney general.  With this foundation, Annie’s interest in conservative politics was piqued in the 2016 election.  But growing up conservative is not easy in New Jersey, and she will never forget the cold reception she received at school after election day because she alone was happy with the outcome.  This observation would stay with her, and it now drives her to prioritize student outreach as Director; at that point, though, she had a different path to forge and after high school she set off for Marist College, New York, where she majored in Fashion Merchandising.  However, with the high stakes of the 2020 election around the corner, Annie again felt that tug for politics, ultimately finding her home in the patriotic values of TPUSA and introducing the organization as a presence on campus.  By 2021, with graduation in sight, Annie decided to forego the liberal fashion industry and head west for a greater calling, starting her career at TPUSA HQ as a Field Administrator.  Annie credits faith and family for the unlikely but fortuitous journey from fashion major to conservative advocate, and from TPUSA Administrator to Director. She hopes her alternative path serves as inspiration for future patriots to bring their own unique skills to the movement.  As Director, Annie is committed to the vibrant leadership of her team in viscerally connecting with, energizing, and exciting college students in a conservative call to action.