East Carolina University Chapter Named Chapter of the Month

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Turning Point USA is proud to announce that the TPUSA Chapter at East Carolina University has been named Chapter of the Month for the month of September. This Chapter was selected for its dedication to the cause, commitment to activism, and drastic increase in membership over the past year. This fall the TPUSA chapter plans to [...]

Second Annual Young Latino Leadership Summit

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The second annual Young Latino Leadership Summit took place at the Caribe Royale resort in Orlando, Florida. The large, yet close-knit group of Latinos traveling from around the country eagerly anticipated the reunion with their compadres. Some flew, some drove, and others took buses, but there was one thing they all had in common: nothing would stop [...]

Second Annual Young Women's Leadership Summit

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Last week, over 350 talented, intelligent young women stormed Dallas, Texas for Turning Point USA’s second annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit - the largest, conservative, young women’s summit of its time. These women, who range from 13-24 years old and of all races, proudly represented 42 different states. They came prepared to learn and left ready [...]

From the Field: Nina Doll

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Turning Point USA is wrapping up this semester with amazing progress across the state of Michigan. In little over one year, the amount of chapters has grown from just a few to over 15 chapters! Not only are we impressed by the chapter growth, but the amount of freedom fighters and free market alliances continues [...]

From the Field: Matt Lamb

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Big Government Silences. That was one week of our activism this semester, but it was a huge focus of our efforts this past month. We not only tabled in support of ending free speech zones, but we also made sure our  activists were trained to know their rights. Our College of DuPage chapter hosted attorneys [...]

From the Field: Gina Jochimsen

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Turning Point USA took off this semester at The University of Iowa. I could not be more proud as an Iowa Field Director and as President of Turning Point USA at Iowa. We have accomplished so much, more than I expected anyway. It just shows what a little faith and whole lot of work can [...]

From the Field: Matt Masucci

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When you’re on campus tabling, you never really know what to expect. Every time you set up a table, chances are that some socialist is going to come up to you and want to espouse their viewpoints. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job, getting to debate these people, however when someone from [...]

From the Field: Christian Lemke

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As the semester winds down, our efforts in Western New York were at an all time high. I noticed higher numbers of signups, increased name recognition and all time high support for our petition for Uber. While the radical left-wingers on campus got more and more frustrated by Turning Point’s presence, conservatives and even moderates [...]