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Chris Gaffrey

Chris grew up in the shadow of Detroit, Michigan watching the decaying

effects of government overreach and incompetence. From this upbringing, he developed an

infectious passion for this country and restoring America back to its glory.

He started with TPUSA 4 years ago, where he started a chapter in the heart of Detroit at Wayne

State University serving as President and Campus Coordinator. Chris is the ultimate example of

what the National Field Program accomplishes, where we identify and educate students to

become influential movers and shakers in their communities.

After a successful period as a student activist, Chris joined team America full time as the Motor

Territory representative and developed a network of some of the nation’s most passionate

activists from across eastern Michigan. In his time as the Motor representative, Chris hosted our

inaugural “chapter formal” on campus that has garnered national recognition and attendance

annually. His territory consistently ranked among the top 5 for nearly every metric over the

course of two consecutive years; his ability to create an engaged student activist network is