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Congresswoman Mary Miller
Congresswoman Mary Miller
Congresswoman Mary Miller

Mary Miller is the Republican Congresswoman for Illinois’ 15 th
Congressional District.
Mary ran for Congress to help local families in her community and
ensure each Illinoisan can pursue their version of the American dream.
Mary understands that until we have a vibrant and growing local
economy, families and businesses will continue to flee our region.
That is why she is focused first on economic development and growth
and improving our business climate. She knows we need to encourage
business growth and creation so that local families can find good-
paying jobs and investments flow to our region.
As part of this, Mary is focused on putting America first and helping develop the 15th District by
promoting farming, supporting regulatory reform, and championing policies that help bring
manufacturing jobs back home.
As a Christian and a mother, Mary recognizes that without the dignity that comes from earning
an honest paycheck and supporting your family, our traditional values will continue to erode.
Drawing from her unique background as a farmer, and business manager, mother to seven, and
grandmother to 17, Mary serves on the House Committee on Agriculture and House Committee
on Education & Labor.
Mary graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Business Management. Mary and
her husband Chris have run their Oakland-based family farm for the last 40 years, and in
addition, Mary has been involved in education.
In her spare time, Mary teaches classes at the Oakland Christian Church. Mary and Chris have
seven children and 17 grandchildren.
Illinois' 15 th Congressional Districts is a safe Republican seat and is 21% more Republican than
the country as a whole. In 2020, Mary won her race with 73% of the vote.