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Elisha Krauss
 has always considered herself something of a “political geek.” Growing up, her parents were always involved in politics, as her mother served as GOP chairwoman of the county Republican Party and ran for state office a couple times in Oklahoma. Krauss left the Midwest to attend The King’s College in Manhattan, N.Y., to pursue an education in politics and the media — but she received the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t finish.

After interning for Sean Hannity’s radio show, she was offered a job as assistant producer and dropped out of school to work full time.

“I would have graduated in 2008 when the economy tanked and none of my peers were able to find jobs,” Krauss told Red Alert. “I thought, this is what I’m paying to go to school to learn how to do. You can’t really get an education to be a good talk radio host.”

Her time working for Hannity had a huge impact on her career, and she continues to look up to him as an inspiration in the conservative movement.

“I think a lot of politicians forget Middle America and the difference they make,” Krauss said. “It’s important to be on the pulse of what true conservatives believe, and I think Sean does a really good job of that.”

The 27-year-old is now a co-host of The Morning Answer on KRLA-AM 870 in Los Angeles, where she continues to influence people through talk radio.

“I know that radio is a changing industry, and I love being part of that change, educating the younger generation on culture and politics,” she said.

As a conservative Christian, Krauss advises other young conservatives to seek to have a positive affect on their surroundings and hold themselves to high standards.