Together we can restore america

Thousands of American churches–with millions of members–are aligned with TPUSA’s mission to restore traditional American values. At present, however, they lack civic engagement and opportunities to make positive political and cultural change in our nation. Turning Point Faith is on a mission to activate the faith community to be civically engaged like never before, by empowering pastors and equipping their congregations to take action.

Turning Point Faith currently employs 32 full time employees dedicated to connecting religious leaders, establishing chapters, registering voters, and educating members on TPUSA’s core values.

Turning Point Faith is dedicated to primarily recruiting chapter leadership amongst young families and young adults (ages 22+), if you are of student age (21 or under) and looking to start a chapter with TPUSA, please find more information here.

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religious leaders and members of faith communities from across the nation to join in civic and social discussions.

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millions about constitutional rights ordained by God through the new monthly Freedom Night in America initiative.

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congregations through our chapters, voter registration drives, and national networking to help bring the conservative message to their own communities.

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Are you a Pastor or Church interested in getting involved?

Turning Point Faith is serving Pastors and churches across the nation to effectively reach and educate millions in the faith community by:

  • Hosting Faith events on your church campus
  • Providing ideas to build a civic ministry or program
  • Holding voter registration events
  • Delivering and picking up voter registration forms
  • Inviting Charlie Kirk or other Faith Leaders to your church to speak

Complete the form below if you are a Pastor or religious leader who is interested in joining a community committed to defending our God-given rights and restoring traditional American values.

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Turning Point Faith’s new viral online and in-person monthly series, designed to unite millions of American churches and communities of faith in a mission to defend our constitutional rights of freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech! Click here for more information.

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Voter Registration

Turning Point Faith will provide resources to host faith-based voter registration drives, engaging HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of voters.