From the Field: Chris Melmer

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From the Field: Chris Melmer

One thing I have learned from this semester is that no two campus’s is the same.  Some schools will be the dream – we’ll have fantastic days of activism, receive great reception from the students, and have an action plan for growing a chapter.  And some schools will be the exact opposite – we’ll face strong opposition from the students and the administration and we’ll have to pull our chapters up from its bootstraps.

chrismelmerOne school that has been a challenge for me this semester has been James Madison University.  Time and time again when I’ve visited JMU it’s been a bit of a struggle to have a strong, groundbreaking day of activism.  However, that all changed a few weeks back when I was joined by two of Team Virginia’s amazing Field Directors – Gabe Hill and Laura Hutson – and our Regional Director – Helen Heath.  That day was when everything changed!chrismelmer2

“One swing of the bat can change the world,”  “Teamwork makes the dream work,” “Grip it and rip it.”   There are any number of colloquialisms I can write as a simple explanation.  But the reality is that strong teams can help build a strong foundation at these difficult schools.  And now everything at James Madison is progressing.  We have a great base of interested students and a strong support from the College Republicans chapter.

It has been a fight all semester long but I found was that with my team, teamwork does make the dream work.

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