From the Field: Christian Lemke

//From the Field: Christian Lemke

From the Field: Christian Lemke

As the semester winds down, our efforts in Western New York were at an all time high. I noticed higher numbers of signups, increased name recognition and all time high support for our petition for Uber. While the radical left-wingers on campus got more and more frustrated by Turning Point’s presence, conservatives and even moderates were so relieved to see the other side’s perspective being presented.
cl1With ride sharing legislation becoming increasingly controversial we were ramping up our efforts to prove that companies like Uber and Lyft have support from students in the area. The positive momentum for ridesharing in New York was evident in the responses I recieved from students when asking them to sign the petition. The most common responses were: “It’s about time someone does this!” and “Thank you for doing this, keep it up”. Why so much support for Uber in Western New York? Well something a lot of people aren’t aware of is that Buffalo is the biggest city in America that doesn’t have Uber or any ridesharing company present.

Another hot issue for the rest of the semester that we focused on was free speech. In the last month of the semester, we were helping the University at Buffalo’s YAL chapter as they spend the remainder of the semester promoting this ever important constitutional right. The plans that we had together included a free speech ball, a screening of the documentary “Can We Take a Joke” and hosting  Milo Yiannopoulos at UB. The issue of free speech on this specific campus was increasingly relevant to our chapter at UB as we will continue to battle the administration for registered status.cl2

Overall, the success of Turning Point in the Buffalo area is exponentially increasing. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to fight the good fight and promote freedom of speech on the campuses that need to be exposed to their rights!

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