From the Field: Cole Hassay

//From the Field: Cole Hassay

From the Field: Cole Hassay

At John Carroll University, the Turning Point USA chapter is now a recognized student organization! After initially being turned down for recognition, the campus activists here appealed and received full recognition. The tremendous amount of support that was shown for the prospect of the Turning Point USA chapter at John Carroll University made one thing clear – students wanted Turning Point USA on campus. Upon receipt of this great news, the core members of the new chapter expressed incredible excitement at being officially recognized.

cole1After taking a short pause for Spring Break, John Carroll’s chapter is officially in the swing of things. The team here has continued to dorm storm to spread Turning Point’s message. Additionally, plans are being made to have a debate with the social justice organizations about minimum wage. The campus activists have tried to come up with creative new ideas to spread Turning Point’s message on our small campus. The chapter here at John Carroll University is young, but it is ready to grow! The chapter president, Andrew Frank, plans to continue to grow the organization during his time at John Carroll. I expect big things from John Carroll University’s chapter in the future.

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