From the Field: Derek Muncy

//From the Field: Derek Muncy

From the Field: Derek Muncy

Our mission statement talks about education, identifying, empowering, organizing, and mobilizing student activist across the country. What our mission statement doesn’t do is illustrate that process. Sadly the only way to witness that mobilization, organization, and empowerment is to be a part of the process on the ground. Every member of our field team knows how great it is to find a superstar activist and watch them shine. Those who support the organization do not get to see this process.

derekSo, since you don’t get to watch it unfold on the ground level, I want to share my personal story about two activists in Northeast Ohio with you. Christian and Joe are the president and vice-president of a Free Market Alliance (FMA) group here in Canton, Ohio at Walsh University. As a FMA group, we support them with manpower and supplies to spread their message. We send them the best and most activism materials and help them distribute those materials. In fact, TPUSA sends them more materials than the national headquarters of their respective FMA group. Fortunately, Christian and Joe could not have been more excited for Turning Point’s help.derek1

Now, on campus at Walsh University, every student has seen our famous hashtag #BigGovSucks. Our posters line the walls of their dorm rooms and our buttons float around campus on backpacks and jackets. Watching Christian and Joe take over Walsh has been like watching a summer garden grow. On March 15 we will see our first fruits from our labor at Walsh. However, the real splendor of our mobilization of Joe and Christian will be realized in November when every Walsh student who votes goes to the ballot box. Thanks to these two activists, the phrase big government sucks will be on the mind of Walsh voters in November.

Without Turning Point, Joe and Christian would be running an average campus FMA chapter. They would table once a month with nothing to give out and maybe see 10 kids at meetings. Now, everyone knows the Big Government Sucks guys on campus. This is what we at TPUSA live for; Identifying Joe and Christian, empowering their group, organizing their events, and mobilizing a ground game that are almost impossible to avoid.

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