From the Field: Devin Bilski

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From the Field: Devin Bilski

Recently I was at Denison University and it was quite the experience. I’ve tabled there numerous times before and each and every time I’ve been encountered by a group of socialist students that have given me a hard time and tried to claim that capitalistic policies are racist and hurt the poor. Not only that, but they’re also sure to point out each and every time I’m there that they I’m white and a male and because of that I automatically hate the poor and minorities. Not only are they also white, but they, unlike me, attend a school that charges $45,000 each year in tuition. I, on the other hand, decided to attend an affordable state school.

TheOhioStateUniversity_4-14-16Most recently, my experience there was worse than usual. While tabling one of the socialists that usually gives me a hard time decided to start cursing at insulting myself and my coworker, Thomas. She came up unprompted and immediately began cursing. Numerous times throughout her tirade we told her we’d be more than willing to debate policy, but hurling insults would get us nowhere. She told us she didn’t want to have a civil discussion and instead wanted to call us names. OhioWesleyanUniversity_3-1-16

This is what the conservative movement is up against. We are up against inconsiderate leftists that would rather attack their fellow Americans than work together to solve problems. I’ve never tried to claim I have the answers to every problem, it would be foolish to make that claim, but I do make an effort to seek out the other side of the argument and change my views if I’m wrong. These socialist students at Denison, on the other hand, refuse to hear the other side. Any time we mention valid statistics, they refuse to believe them and instead call us “lying white bros.” It’s important to expose this liberalism and this hatred on college campuses, because that’s the only way we can stop it.

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