From the Field: Elizabeth Amato

//From the Field: Elizabeth Amato

From the Field: Elizabeth Amato

I never thought I would be as happy as I am today as I  sit here writing this blog. I feel like I have been reawakened. I have never felt so youthful and energized in my life. Waking up every morning and walking back onto a college campus has so much meaning for me. I feel like being in the field for Turning Point USA has given me a second chance to make up for what I missed in college ten years ago. Everyday is a new experience for me and each day I feel like I have changed one student’s life. If I can accomplish one thing this semester, it is to know that I made a difference in at least one student’s life.


My favorite experience so far this semester has to be my field work from the University of North Florida. All the students that have become involved with Turning Point are so eager to learn. The students from UNF truly want to be effective in educating their peers and seeing the devotion that my UNF students have for Turning Point is truly emotional. Each day that I am on campus, they are so driven to teach the people around them and to make sure our future has the proper tools to make decisions for themselves. I love how I can give them the basics and they just take it and go with it! I am overwhelmed with knowing I have a core group of students and they have become part of such an amazing movement.


The one memory that truly made me realize I belong in the field, is when a student was forever grateful that I would take time out of my day and sit down with her and teach her the basics of politics and what Turning Point USA is about. I was so honored that she had the confidence to come to me and ask for help in understanding what was going on around her. As I was sitting at the table with this student, I became so humbled, I was truly assisting in this young woman’s development of who she is becoming as a person and how she comprehends issues of today’s world. This student however, actually taught me more than I taught her! She taught me that our youth does care about their future and they are still wanting and eager to learn.


I cannot thank my student’s enough for being so gracious and hungry to continue to learn about fiscal responsibility and the true meaning of how “Big Government Sucks”. Being in the field has made me more modest and rejuvenates me to continue doing what I am doing.I look forward to what the rest of the semester brings and what surprises my student’s show me.

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