From the Field: Emily Hennig

//From the Field: Emily Hennig

From the Field: Emily Hennig

The Conservative Political Action Conference is the biggest conservative gathering in the country. It is held yearly at National Harbor, Maryland; just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. This year Turning Point USA made it even bigger by bringing 350 students. As the field director for Northern Virginia and DC I was so beyond excited to welcome my fellow field directors and activists from all over the country!

CPAC_20166Why bring that many students? When we were first told we were bring 350 students my questions were, why? how? Up until the day of I was wondering how it would all work out, but Turning Point staff and activists never fail to amaze me! With the amount of students we had volunteering there was not a person in attendance at CPAC who didn’t have a “Big Gov Sucks” sticker or button somewhere on them. With that many volunteers we were able to let activists actually attend the conference and hear what speakers had to say. We were able to find other students attended CPAC, sign them up for our emails, and find new activists. I personally met a girl who attends George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and I know she is going to become one of my top activists. Many other field directors were also able to find conservative students to work with on campuses. No other group does this! I mean it when I say Turning Point took over.CPAC_201613

We’re Taking Over There is really no other way to describe CPAC other than we took over. In a good, non-dictatoresque way of course! Everywhere you looked in the Gaylord National there were red, Turning Point polos. Everyone saw red and knew it was Turning Point USA. For the last 4 years Turning Point has had a presence at CPAC, but nothing like this. There is no way to put into words how much we were able to accomplish last week; so I made a video recap of the week. You can watch that here: v=leNA5xBDaFc

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