From the Field: Gabe Hill

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From the Field: Gabe Hill

What a semester in Richmond, VA! Team VA has stayed very busy and have been working on many goals. I have been to numerous campuses around VA and have talked to thousands of college kids throughout this semester. One of my favorite campuses to go to has been Randolph Macon in Ashland, VA. Randolph Macon is a small, private liberal arts college. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful college campuses around. The students are always so nice to talk to and there are a lot of conservatives on campus also. I have worked closely with the College Republicans at RMC and they are awesome!

VirginiaCommonwealthUniversity_4-19-16 (3)Working on college campuses has been an amazing experience. I have met so many new people and have made a lot of new friendships along the way. I have been actively recruiting student activist to help start TPUSA chapters and it has been a huge success!  I love to table with my student activist and let them take the lead on what we’re doing as a group. I really enjoy talking to like-minded individuals and getting to know more about them and their story. I have enjoyed debating and having great open discussions with students who may not necessarily agree with me or my political views.

Working with students has been a lot of fun and really different! Young people still tend to be more liberal and for Bernie but there are still plenty of college students who love free markets and capitalism! This semester I have been able to speak to local GOPS, attend college debates between college republicans and college democrats and have been able to table and clip board with student activist! I cannot wait to come back next semester and get the ball rolling with new activism!

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