From the Field: Gina Jochimsen

//From the Field: Gina Jochimsen

From the Field: Gina Jochimsen

Turning Point USA took off this semester at The University of Iowa. I could not be more proud as an Iowa Field Director and as President of Turning Point USA at Iowa. We have accomplished so much, more than I expected anyway. It just shows what a little faith and whole lot of work can do, just like the rest of our chapters around the country.gj1

At Iowa, the campus dynamic is so different. Many students really just want to focus on classes and getting good grades, while keeping up their social status. For Turning Point USA to be on campus 2-3 times a week did capture so many students’ attention that wanted to get involved because they are tired of big and annoying government that seeks to intervene in their lives. Being a voice on campus that can be one that many like to silence, its easy to get discouraged, but even if you have one student all day that approaches your table with enthusiasm, makes it all worth it.

I am so proud of our students here, and I am especially proud of my fellow field director, Christina Herrin, for helping me push the city of Iowa City to finally hold a vote to allow Uber to operate. The city has had 2 votes out of 3 now and TPUSA has been there to support and be voice for economic freedom. 

Fgh2inally, I just want to mention how excited I am for the semesters and years to come with TPUSA at Iowa. I hope that I can continue to grow the chapter with help from other activists that are just as passionate as Christina and myself. I hope we can work to bring speakers to campus that can easily facilitate our beliefs to many students.  Turning Point USA at Iowa, has only just begun.

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