From the Field: James Ward

//From the Field: James Ward

From the Field: James Ward

JW2 Last semester, I started building a Turning Point USA chapter at my school (University of West Florida) to bring about more awareness about Reaganomics. I really didn’t expect it to be anything more than a group of like minded college students dedicated to promoting the ideals of free markets, capitalism, and limited government. What I didn’t know was that something that I had once labeled as a group would turn into my family away from home. A large group committed to the same beliefs and ideals brought us close together.

JW1My student activist became my very best friends and soon my job as a Field Director turned into nothing less than a favorite hobby.  Together, we have stood strong in fighting the Liberalism on campus, while lifting up each other’s spirits. We have continuously supported one another throughout the good and bad times this semester. We have celebrated birthdays, reminded one another to stay positive through negative times, and have recognized the team’s successes and accomplishments. My senior memories have been created by this family and would not have wanted to spend my last year any other way.

JW3Turning Point USA at the University of West Florida has transformed into a very active student organization on my campus. Thanks to the help of my very dedicated activist we have successfully registered various voters, signed up over 400 interested students, and promoted many ideas for students to embrace. I look forward to seeing my chapter’s continued growth within the future and hope that we can continue to shoot for success.

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