From the Field: Joanna Rodriguez

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From the Field: Joanna Rodriguez

Nothing amazes me more than the dedication and drive the students I get to work with on a daily basis have. Over the past few months of being a field director I have gotten to meet some of the most incredible students in my region. It is always refreshing to find young people who are just as dedicated to fighting for freedom from government as I am! Whether it is tabling on an average day on campus, or at a schools organization fair, or even clipboarding across campus, there are always just students that absolutely just blow me away.

When thinking about star activist there is one student group that sticks out and absolutely blows me away, a group of friends, freshman, with aspirations and ideas for days!


This one particular Turning Point USA free-market alliance group had a very ambitious goal, to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to their campus as their first big event as an organization. For those of you that don’t know who Milo is, do a quick Google search and fall in love, but be cautious of the “triggering” things he says. Milo is not afraid to stand unapologetically in front of a crowd (and a Twitter audience of more than 196k) and face the leftist PC culture.


For over 2 months this student group did everything they could to plan and perfectly execute a successful event featuring Milo. As freshman and a newly founded student organization they faced an uphill battle with their school. The students were able to fundraise $1600 their school was requesting in less than a week through crowdsourcing! They never gave up or had thoughts of cancelling the event and letting their university administration “win”. They kept their heads held high and promoted the event and their organization all throughout town and ended up with over 300 people attending the event. It was incredible to see so many bright and rising activists celebrate their successful event.

My hope to them, and to all the student activists is simple; don’t give up.


Like a great person once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” We might face adversity often, especially with the ridiculous amount of liberal bias on college campuses. But TPUSA student activist never retreat. Keep fighting for Liberty!


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