From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

//From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

The semester has been moving along at a good pace, and Turning Point is continuing to make waves on Miami’s campus. From stirring controversy with “Anarcho-Syndicalists” in the student union, to hosting a debate watch party with the College Republicans, I am very pleased with the work I have done thus far.

john2My weekly schedule has been consistent in the sense that I try to get out and clipboard one day, while tabling the next. The clipboarding sessions are usually a huge success because I bring the “Students for Uber” sheets. Many students at Miami utilize Uber to get home after a night of drinking, or simply as a convenience if they live in a big city. When I inform them of the legislation in many state jurisdictions that threatens to limit the use of Uber, the students couldn’t be more willing to sign my petition. It brightens my day to see such avid support for free markets and innovative companies. As the semester continues, I plan to start using more “Free Speech Petitions” and see how the students’ react when they find out about speech zones and safe spaces that are very real on campuses across the country.john3

My tabling sessions could not be more eventful. Being that I usually set up my table across from the Diversity Office, I encounter a whole slew of ultra-feminists and Bernie supporters. I have heard everything from people telling me they “Hate capitalism, but love small government”, to one girl even admitting that she was a pure Marxist. All in all, it is never a dull moment with the smattering of liberal students on my campus. However, my tabling sessions also bring many people into the organization that wouldn’t have thought to join the movement before seeing me. I regularly encounter students who are intrigued by the “I Love Capitalism” or “LOL Obama” posters. They are eager to learn more about the organization, while many students also ask what are the best ways to get involved. I am always motivated to see eager students who seem passionate about the movement and are looking for ways to make a difference in their community. With the election right around the corner, now is the best time to become an activist. I have definitely seen the energy radiating from people who may have been to apathetic to care about politics before, but are now ready to get involved and make a change.

john1Working alongside the College Republicans as well as the TPUSA chapter on campus has really helped build my network. Turning Point and the CRs hosted a debate watch party for the New Hampshire Primary. I made sure to bring a lot of swag to the event, and many people were eager to take posters to bring home to their respective dorms. Knowing that the College Republicans are so willing to work with us gives me hope that we will have a very successful partnership and continue doing joint events in the future. The TPUSA chapter has also taken off the ground. Though our attendance is still small, we grow little by little every week and plan to host more events to get our name out on campus. Hopefully by the end of the semester we will have the opportunity to host a big name speaker on campus and grow our chapter even more!

To conclude, though I am pleased with the work I have done so far, I know I have to continue pushing myself for the remainder of the semester. Now is a crucial time to gain support for our organization and continue to grow our movement. I look forward to working with our partner organization and increasing the passion for conservatism on campus!

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