From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

//From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

From the Field: John DiGiacobbe

As the semester draws to a close, I am very pleased with the improvements TPUSA has made on Miami’s campus. The enthusiasm from students, as well as the increasing interest in the TPUSA chapter has really been a motivator for me when going out into the field on a daily basis. As the election draws closer, students on campus are increasingly engaging themselves in political advocacy and initiatives. Since the political landscape (especially within the Republican Party) has been polarizing, I have made an effort to make the principles of limited government and free enterprise attractive for the average student on campus.

jdI have continued with my schedule of clip boarding one day and tabling the next. I have found that this method is very effective because it enables me to gage the campus climate and overall enthusiasm on a weekly basis before I bring out the Big Guns with my signs and literature. Most of the themes these past few weeks have been focused on how Big Government Sucks. Many students are unaware of how much money the government takes in taxes or how social welfare programs that are intended to help the poor actually hurt them. For the most part, I continue to get positive responses from most of my peers; and many people are eager to learn about the principles of capitalism. Not all of the students that come to my booth are friendly, however. In direct response to my “I Love Capitalism” posters and signs, an apparent “I Hate Capitalism” club has started on campus. Though I have never seen these individuals tabling myself, I have gotten numerous reports on how this group has been seen holding up cardboard signs and handing out printed flyers on why capitalism is so “evil”. I personally find their club very ironic because many of the products this group is using are all accessible to them because of capitalism. If I can track down the individuals who are running this organization, I will be more than obliged to try and schedule a debate with them.jd2

In regards to actual projects I have been working on this past month, the most important ones are the collaborations TPUSA has done with the Miami College Republicans. We hosted Ohio senator Coley to come and speak to both of our chapters earlier in the month. In addition to this, we plan to host a debate along with Generation Opportunity and the CRs against the Miami University College Democrats. Our final project we plan to do with the CRs is Free Market Day, which is part of Miami’s Conservative Week. I am looking forward to promoting our message and really pushing for Capitalism and free enterprise on campus. In addition to engagements with Miami, I have also made contact with the University of Cincinnati College Republican chapter. My goal for the end of the year is to set up an FMA arrangement with the UC CRs and also make future plans to eventually start a TPUSA chapter at the school.

jd3Overall, I am pleased with the work I have done so far as a Field Director at Miami. It is always so refreshing to see students get involved in the movement and actively want to learn about current issues affecting our country. As I finish out the semester, my plan is to establish a solid group of people who will be ready to engage students next semester when things really begin to heat up in the election.

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