From the Field: Keira Hornyak

//From the Field: Keira Hornyak

From the Field: Keira Hornyak

Red, White, (Orange) and Blue

While it may be hard to believe, there is one thing that us Gators are more proud of than attending the University of Florida. We are all proud to be Americans!These past few weeks on campus I have had the opportunity to promote American pride, capitalism, and freedom. What did I find? That Gators believe BIG GOVERNMENT SUCKS.keira

Sure, not every Gator favors Turning Point’s mantra. I conversed with multiple socialists who believe government control will solve all of our problems (as if it is not the origin of our problems to begin with) and even had a communist curse me out. But ah – is that not the beauty of free speech at its finest? The opportunity to say what you believe without getting punished for it is a right our country has protected since our founding. And by going face to face with those who oppose my values, all I can think about is how beyond proud I am to be an American.

Turning Point USA has given me the opportunity to go out on campus every week to promote American values in an intriguing as well as innovative way. As the weeks go by, it only gets more exciting! I am working to help America reach its Turning Point – something that, I have found, almost everyone agrees with. There is a lot within our government that needs to be changed. But the message of optimism that Turning Point promotes is why so many students at the University of Florida are uniting together around the shared conviction about the importance of fiscal responsibility, capitalism, free markets, and freedom.

Gators love America and made this evident during our “American Pride” week. I had the opportunity to speak with many students about where this pride originates. For sophomore biomedical engineering major Rachna Sannegowda, American pride stems from her belief in the American Dream. See why more UF students are proud to be Americans here:

keira5Every second on campus is vital to the future of our Nation. I know that the more people who are exposed to Turning Point’s messages, which are inherently American values, the closer I get to my desired goal. If my fellow Gators were half as passionate and resolved to defeat big, corrupt government as we are to defeating our biggest rival, a huge difference could be made in the future of our Nation. I hope that someday Gators will rally around America the way we rally behind our football team when we are playing FSU. Look, even Albert thinks big government sucks!

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