From the Field: Laura Hutson

//From the Field: Laura Hutson

From the Field: Laura Hutson

Flexibility. This is an extremely important skill that Field Directors and student activists need in order to recruit students to Turning Point USA.  This skill is definitely one that I had to use this month on campus.

First, I planned to table at Virginia Commonwealth University with the student activist forming the chapter there.  I arrived on campus and started setting up the table, but almost immediately my efforts were foiled by the wind.  As a result, we were left with an ugly table that no students wanted to stop by to talk.  We decided that we should put away the table and move to a different spot on campus to try clip-boarding, which was much more successful.


The next day, I joined three other Turning Point staffers at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  We set up a table near one of the dining halls, complete with doughnuts and balloons. But we quickly found that students were not very interested in stopping by the table on their own accord.  Luckily, having four people there mean that we could change our plan slightly without having to break down our table and take everything back to our cars.  Instead, we were able to leave two people at the table and two of us were able to go inside one the campus dining facilities and talk to students who were sitting at the tables.  By spreading out and altering our plan, we were able to get contact information from over 100 students in a short period of time.

Having to change your plan quickly when it isn’t working can be a hard thing to accept and execute.  However, when you are out on campus meeting potential Turning Point student activists your ability to stay on your toes and be flexible can make or break your day, and I’m glad I was able to practice this skill this month.


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