From the Field: Matt Lamb

//From the Field: Matt Lamb

From the Field: Matt Lamb

Since last month, I’ve been traveling throughout Iowa, Illinois and Washington, D.C. with Turning Point USA, trying to reach as many students as possible. At University of Iowa and Iowa State we talked to students about how Big Government affects all of them right now, not just when they get older! We used a handmade paycheck on campus to show how much students were paying in taxes today, which came out to a whopping 30%, which is supposed to be the top tax rate for the “wealthy”.

CollegeOfDuPage_3-9-16We have also been successful at many schools telling students about how government wants to tax their Netflix! While I wish I made this up, the city of Chicago really does tax Netflix. Students were worried to hear about how this invaded their privacy and also taxed them just because the city could get away with it.

Finally, I had a successful CPAC trip, seeing many great speakers such as Scott Walker and Glenn Beck, as well as helping Turning Point sign up new students! Overall we collected close to 4000 students as a group.

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