From the Field: Matt Masucci

//From the Field: Matt Masucci

From the Field: Matt Masucci

When you’re on campus tabling, you never really know what to expect. Every time you set up a table, chances are that some socialist is going to come up to you and want to espouse their viewpoints. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job, getting to debate these people, however when someone from the crowd of people comes up to your table and starts debating the student too, it’s even better. That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago at Columbus State Community College.

ColumbusStateCommunityCollege_4-26-16 I was standing in front of my table and a student came up to me preaching the standard socialist jargon of “equality” and what-not. I was firing back every chance I could, when a young Colombian student named Ricardo came up and started debating her too. Ricardo told stories of things he has seen directly as a result of socialism, he talked about how successful Colombia is becoming as a result of the growth of their pro capitalist party, he told his personal story, and it seemed to convince her, we even got her to sign up with Turning Point on the spot.ColumbusStateCommunityCollege_4-29-16

By far my favorite part of working for TPUSA is the people I’ve met, both my co workers, and the people I’ve met on campus, some of the people I’ve recruited have even become my friends. I think this story goes to show that there are conservatives on campus itching for a way to have their voice be heard, and groups like TPUSA are the perfect tool for them.

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