From the Field: Nina Doll

//From the Field: Nina Doll

From the Field: Nina Doll

Turning Point USA is wrapping up this semester with amazing progress across the state of Michigan. In little over one year, the amount of chapters has grown from just a few to over 15 chapters! Not only are we impressed by the chapter growth, but the amount of freedom fighters and free market alliances continues to grow every single day!

Our activists have been hard at work petitioning, clipboarding, hosting events, and doing everything they can do make a difference on campus! We are on campus every week educating students about different topics and dispelling the myths that have been indoctrinated into today’s youth.

Myth: College campuses should be treated as safe spaces where students feel comfortable and safe from diverse opinions and offensive speech. Fact: Public land, especially college campuses, are required to respect and protect the speech of everyone, even if it is offensive or controversial. Our latest push for freedom has targeted free speech zones and free speech permits on campus which have known to be unconstitutional. It’s not uncommon to find yourself on a college campus that restricts or limits speech in some way. I have even lost count of all the times campus officials have attempted to restrict my free speech. 

For that reason, hundreds of students have voiced their frustration with the policies on their campuses and have stood with Turning Point USA in the push to reform their campus. Check it out!nd3Since our activists were so shocked by the amount of students that were unaware of the attacks being made on their first amendment rights, they worked very hard to host an educational event at Michigan State University. Our activists brought former congressman Joe Walsh to speak about political correctness and the importance of free speech. Joe Walsh is well known for his exciting and provocative speeches so we knew he would be a great end of the year speaker!

nd2Turning Point USA also made an appearance at the Michigan Federation of College Republicans Convention where we were given the unique opportunity to network with other strong activists. Apart from educating college students, we also strive to network with other conservative organizations and offer them valuable resources to have effective voices on campus. These are also our nation’s next leaders and so we find it incredibly important to reach out to groups like the College Republicans and offer them every resource possible.nd1So if your conservative or Libertarian organization could use some extra resources, please join our Free Market Alliance! We will send your organization priority invitations to conferences and special events, scholarships to CPAC, activism grants, and free activism kits! If you want to finish the year off strong, order one of our free “Socialism Sucks” activism kits! It comes with buttons, stickers, rally signs, and is a great way to tell other students you are not feeling the bern. Join and access these free resources below!

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