From the Field: Pablo Castillo

//From the Field: Pablo Castillo

From the Field: Pablo Castillo

My experience this semester with Turning Point USA already has a lot of great memories that I will never forget, especially on my first day of work! I was nervous, but I knew with the great training I received in Chicago I would do just fine. So far I’d have to say my favorite part of this job is getting the opportunity to speak with different students and getting to know why they believe in the things they do.   pc1

I attended Indian River State College and had the privilege to get involved on my campus, the biggest of four, and interact with the majority of the students there. I am so glad I did, because now that I work with TPUSA, I have used my connections and experience to my advantage and am able to connect and reconnect with some familiar faces, all while educating them that big government sucks! The ginormous Big Government Sucks Sign also does help to get attention of students that are passing by, so much so, that I am known as the kid with the Big Government Sucks sign!

pc3For some people speaking to other students is hard and it takes a lot for them to walk up and start a conversation, but for me it was walk in the park! After my training in Chicago, I was equipped with the knowledge and tools to have a conversation that was both meaningful and powerful, and my goal was to speak to every student on campus, at least once, and educate them on why we need less government. Just like this photo on the left,  I went up to these young men, started a conversation about why big government sucks, and now they are part of  the TPUSA chapter! This is definitely a highlight of my job, and I will not hesitate to walk up to students and engage in a conversation, and hear what they have to say. pc2

This month has been a whirlwind, and a lot of ups and downs. At times, I had no help at all to set up or break down my table, and sometimes there were days that I felt like I wasn’t getting through to students. But, I didn’t let that stop me and chose to keep a positive attitude and try to make a light of hard days. And when you have and amazing, motivational and an all-star team  like Team Florida, it’s impossible to let the bad days ruin all the hard work we do!

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