From the Field: Phalen Kuckuck

//From the Field: Phalen Kuckuck

From the Field: Phalen Kuckuck

For every additional conversation I have on a college campus, that is one more informed voter able to save our nation. Millennials are the future of our country, and Turning Point USA works every day to ensure that they understand the importance of limiting government and promoting free market capitalism.

OhioUniversity_03-24-2016 (1) The ride sharing service Uber is a jewel of innovation in America’s technologically driven marketplace. It has created jobs, slashed prices, and saved countless lives from the dangers of drunk driving. On my campus at Ohio University, Uber is not an option for students. Since its so popular elsewhere, there is a lot of support from college-aged kids to bring this amazing service to Athens, Ohio. I am able to talk to students about the private business and show them that this is capitalism in its purest form creating an invaluable service. Petitioning for Uber has allowed hundreds of students to understand that the free market helps the poor, the rich, and everyone in between.pk1

Tailoring your message to your audience is equally as important as showing the beauty of the free market. Here at Ohio University, we have a significant segment of the student population concerned with the way the environment is treated. We’ve been able to hold events centered on free market solutions to climate change, and voice alternative opinions other than government subsidies and intervention that hurts our economy. We are re-branding the face of the conservative movement and doing it using every tool at our disposal.

The dialogue we help stimulate is instrumental in educating our voters on the issues that matter. $19 trillion in debt is unsustainable. Regulations hurt the market. We love Uber, we love our iPhones, and it’s Turning Pont USA that helps millennials understand that these tremendous innovations are a result of limiting our government and placing faith in our capitalist society.

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