From the Field: Richard Raps

//From the Field: Richard Raps

From the Field: Richard Raps

The best team in Southwest Florida is definitely over at Florida Gulf Coast University. Members of the newly forming FGCU Turning Point USA chapter are some of the most dedicated activists in Florida! This semester I’ve identified some of the best star activists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


First off, I would like to talk about Alex Pilkington. Alex is a hard worker and considers himself a Libertarian. I have worked with Alex and he puts my own work ethic to shame! There isn’t any quitting in Alex and that’s why he’s been named one of our star activists. Alex has traveled to Miami to attend Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School training, as well as working on city council races in Naples and attending early morning BUPAC meetings to spread awareness for our movement. Alex is a great asset to the growing movement in Southwest Florida. Along with his involvement with Turning Point USA, Alex was nominated as Student Leader of the Year at Florida Gulf Coast University for his dedication to service learning and leadership at FGCU.


RichardRaps1Next, I would like to recognize Chris Chiavaroli. Chris is new to our cause, but has shown an incredible amount of enthusiasm! Chris has been helping recruit new volunteers and identify new activists for at least 5 hours a week, registering new voters and attending training with local political groups. Chris has gone out of his way to show everyone that you don’t have to be in a movement for a long time to have a serious impact. Chris went from being a brand new face to one of our most dedicated, experienced and accomplished activists in a matter of weeks. Chris has registered many students to vote and has been absolutely killing it in every aspect of our effort. Chris has the enthusiasm, dedication, and drive needed to take our movement successfully through 2016.


RichardRaps2Finally, I want to talk about two people that have been with this movement from the very start. Turning Point USA Chapter President Priscilla Pacheco and Data Director David Klein. Both of these students have had an amazing impact on the conservative youth movement here in Southwest Florida. Priscilla has also attended Youth Leadership School, and both David and Priscilla attended CPAC this year as ambassadors with Turning Point USA. David and Priscilla are rock stars and will be a major part of the conservative movement in Southwest Florida for years to come.RichardRaps3
I wish I could thank all of the students that have been a part of this movement every day for the hard work they do at Florida Gulf Coast University and Southwest Florida as a whole. With the growth experienced there we have been able to make connections with students throughout Southwest Florida and impact students on multiple campuses and in the surrounding communities.

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