From the Field: Shelby Simmons

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From the Field: Shelby Simmons

One of the biggest issues facing college campuses today is the attack on our First Amendment right to free speech.  You’ve seen the “Safe Spaces” and ran into someone “triggered” by literally anything they disagree with.  Turning Point fights to defend your right to free speech.  We believe that your precious right to free speech shouldn’t be taken away just because you step onto the grounds of a public university.  To the contrary, universities and colleges are meant to be places where people learn from the free exchange of information, ideas, and opinions.  Yes, even those that you don’t agree with.

shelby Freedom of speech wasn’t guaranteed so that you could agree with everyone around you.  That right was given to protect speech contrary to popular opinion.  We are taught to be individuals and to be ourselves, which includes having your own opinion.  Somehow, Big Government thinks it has the right to silence your voice and your opinions on college campuses, and Turning Point is there to fight back for the students.  We had an entire week this semester dedicated to educating students on the dangers of limiting free speech and how to get involved in the fight to take our campuses back.

At Valdosta State University, students signed a petition in support of a bill that calls for the removal of the “Free Speech Zone”, or the university’s attempt to limit freedom of speech to a tiny area in a remote part of campus.  The Student Government Association is set to vote on the proposed bill, and we are confident this will be a big win for students’ rights! If one school in Georgia can honor the rights of students, we hope it will set a strong precedent for other universities across the country.shelby2

So go ahead, support capitalism and shout from the rooftops that “Big Government Sucks”!  We will be leading the fight for your right to do so, so stay tuned and keep an eye on Turning Point USA and all the awesome things we’re doing on college campuses.

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