From the Field: Taylor Montgomery

//From the Field: Taylor Montgomery

From the Field: Taylor Montgomery

It is a bitter sweet feeling as the semester comes to an end at Florida State. I am beyond proud of the activist in the Florida State, coming back from CPAC and nearing finals week, they show no sign of slowing down!TM

In the past few weeks we devoted more time to on campus polling than ever beofre. We went out with clipboards in hand to see who everyone was voting for all across campus, from enthusiastic freshmen to the hammock people of landis green. We were met with all kinds of differing opinions and great conversation from both sides, we even started a debate or two! While the campus is still a bit of a Bernie loving land, I was pleasantly surprised by the large groups of conservative supporters!

TM1All of the campus polling lead up to the big event – Pizza and Politics 2.0. Hosted by Genn FKD, one of our free market alliance groups, pizza and politics had students pretending to be their favorite presidential candidates in a mock debate. With over 100 people in attendance from all sides of the political spectrum, it was a great way for students to start an open dialog and see all sides of arguments. TM2

With such a great event under our belt I cannot wait for the next time we are able to pair up with one of our fantastic FMAs. Just next week we will be partnering with Florida States College Republicans for their annual gala. We are honored to be able to help put on such an amazing event. This year’s gala will have none other than the one and only Joe Walsh. Turning point is beyond excited to have Joe come out and inspire a whole new group of young leaders.

Go Turning Point, Go Team Florida, and Go Noles!

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