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Jared Scott

Jared Scott started public speaking when he was just 15-years-old. Jared was known among his peers as the shy kid, but inside he knew he had a voice that needed to be heard. Jared’s parents were both in high school when he was born; they were just kids trying to raise a kid. After they split up, Jared was left to deal with depression, anxiety, and insecurities that later led to suicidal thoughts and anger issues that took over his life. Just like most kids, Jared was never taught how to deal with his emotions correctly and felt like nobody would understand, so he told no one how he felt. In his own words, “I felt like I was wearing a mask every day and pretending to be someone who I was not.” Jared thought that I was the only one who wore this mask until, one day, he found out that one of his friends had committed suicide. She was the happy-go-lucky, class clown, cool girl. She was the one who would greet people at the door with a smile; in fact, she was always the one who would make other people smile. That day, Jared realized that she must have worn that mask too, but he never knew she was hurting and so he never knew that she needed help. That is the reason Jared has worked so hard over the past ten years to bring more mental health awareness into the school systems. Jared has personally visited 100s of campuses across the country and has spoken to thousands of people. Jared’s impact has grown to reach audiences of all ages. In fact, in 2021 Jared’s career has skyrocketed. The stigmas attached to mental health often keep people silent are starting to dissipate. Due to the pandemic, the demand for mental health services has more than doubled and people are starting to realize the importance of managing their minds and emotions. Jared has evolved his programs to fit the current climate and has been invited to speak at many company staff meetings, conferences, summits, and events, where he will talk to adults of all ages about mental health. Jared knows that it does not matter how old you are or where you are from, we all have mental health, and we all need to know how to take care of it. There are no limits for Jared, he is willing to help anyone, and will not turn down an opportunity to make an impact or save a life.