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Melanie Sturm teaches how to inspire an audience – even skeptics – to follow your lead, not based on what is said, but on what is heard.  Most people are persuadable if approached the right way, a unifying reality awaiting compelling leadership to forge.

In addition to writing persuasive messaging and conducting persuasion workshops and private coaching, Melanie speaks publicly, sharing her lessons on how to uncover and fortify common ground, especially on the most contentious issues. Melanie has trained elected and government officials, candidates, corporate executives, students, policy analysts, and activists. She’s also frequently a featured presenter at major conferences.

Melanie’s campus workshops – one for conservative students and another for activists fighting anti-Israel activities — are designed to give students the communication tools to power down campus “hostiles” and most importantly, to engage and convert “persuadables” who are the majority on campus.

Since 2011, Melanie has been a columnist at the Aspen Times and across the Rocky Mountains, tempting readers to “Think Again, you might change your mind.” Her commentary has also been published in the Denver Post, and nationally in the Washington Examiner and Daily Caller.

Having learned through her column how to communicate with people who think they disagree, Melanie launched Engage to Win in 2013 to teach persuasive communications, collaborating at its debut with Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute, whose mantra – “the winning side always fights for people, not things” – is at the core of E2W.