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Pierre Wilson

Pierre Wilson, currently serving as BLEXIT Director at Turning Point USA, is a visionary leader and professional speaker whose unique experiences define his passion for transformative change. Rising from a challenging upbringing in Maryland, Pierre transcended adversity, driven by his aim to empower individuals to reject victim narratives and pursue the American dream. His pivotal encounter with Candace Owens’ conservative approach in 2018 sparked his journey toward overcoming the victim mentality, which led to him launching the first BLEXIT chapter in North Carolina the same year. Pierre was hired as BLEXIT’s first employee, and under his leadership, BLEXIT has produced 44+ state chapters, the BLEXIT Leadership Academy, BLEXIT Student Movement, over 14,000 supporters, and more than a dozen national events. His unwavering commitment to individual freedom and resilience against groupthink embodies his belief in everyone’s ability to surmount challenges, regardless of their background.


With all that being said, Pierre will tell you that his biggest accomplishment is his family. He is a proud husband and father of 3 amazing kids.