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Is Jenna Ortega The Most Toxic Actress In Hollywood?

“President Trump’s Diet Coke Button Was Real!” With Gen-Z Political Pioneer Karoline Leavitt

Dove Soap Is Mad Brendan Fraser Isn’t *Actually* Morbidly Obese

Drew Barrymore Gets On Her KNEES And Worships Dylan Mulvaney

Is There Anti-Christian Bias In Hollywood?

Who’s The Bigger Crybaby: Colin Kaepernick Or Prince Harry?

“I Don’t Believe In Soap, Shoes, & Shaving.” - Living Crispy With Dr. Courtney Kahla

Fans Chant “F Hailey Bieber” & Jenna Ortega Wants More Blood

Why Healthy, Beautiful Women Rub Beef Fat On Their Skin

Gov Newsom Bans Walgreens & Cole Sprouse Chainsmokes

Lays And Doritos Use Seed Oils Because The Government Pays Them To

Plastic in LuluLemon Leggings Is Killing Women

Bravo Explodes: Vanderpump Rules Cheating Scandal & Trans Kids

Meat is Murder, Veganism Is Genocide

Most Food In Grocery Stores Isn't Even Food

Hersheys Hates Women: Trans Man Promotes International Women’s Day

“If We Fix Our Food, We Save The World.” - With Seed Oil Expert @ReallyTanMan

Alex Is Back From Mexico & Dives Into The Hailey vs Selena Drama

Help For Parents Who Want To Take Their Kids Out Of Public School

When Schools Help Kids Transition, Is It Considered Practicing Healthcare?

Main Foster Care Goal Should Be To Reunite Children With Their Biological Parents

Californian Explains Why Disrespect Towards Children Kept Her From Voting For Progressive Candidates

Are Social Workers Teaching Children Learned Helplessness?

“Parents, You’re Allowed To Have A Seat At The Trans Table.” - Former Child Therapist Teva Johnstone

Alex is 30! Kelsea Ballerini’s Divorce Gets Messy + Life Updates

Should Christians Be Okay With Prenups?

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Might Sue South Park For Making Fun Of Them

How Long Should It Take You To Know If You Love Someone?

Sam Smith Calls Himself A ‘FisherTHEM’ Instead Of ‘Fisherman’

Is "Not Going To Bed Angry" Actually Good Advice For Married Couples?

Couples Who Go On Dates Once A Week Are Less Likely To Divorce

VLOG: Alex Clark and Morgonn McMichael Get Real About Men

“A How-To Guide For Ditching The Single Life & Staying Married.” - With @dearyoungmarriedcouple

Premarital Counseling Debate, Barney Gets Rebranded, & Dave Hollis Dies

"Black People Have It Worse In America Because They Are Black" Is An Illogical, Emotional Argument

Why The Ohio Chemical Spill Is Very Scary & RUN From Bethel Church

Big Birth Control Brands Still On Market Despite Death Of Thousands Of Women

Leftist Hide Their Extreme Ideologies Underneath Agreeable Terminology

Kiss, Marry, Jail: Men In The Conservative Movement Part Three

Why Women Kill

The Truth About The Nelson Pill Hearings

Slavery Was Never Unique To America

Kiss, Marry, Jail: Men In The Conservative Movement Part Two

Ivanka Trump Is Entering Her Influencer Era

Birth Control Originally Tested On Women In Insane Asylums Without Their Consent

Does White Privilege Actually Exist?

The Media Has Been Lying To Black Voters For Decades

Kiss, Marry, Jail : Men In The Conservative Movement Part One

Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Brainwashed Poor Puerto Rican Women Into Taking Birth Control

Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Responsible For Modern Birth Control Movement

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