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Randal Birkey is the Managing Director of STA Digital, a practice area of STA Group LLC, a chicago based consulting group focused on delivering strategies for business transformation. Randal and his leadership team provide digital strategy, content management and user experience advice and services to a wide range of for-profit and non-profit clients nationwide including: McDonald’s Corporation, Disney Consumer Products, Hyatt Corporation, Youth for Christ USA, Illinois State Board of Education, Christianity Today International and Turning Point USA.

An entrepreneur at heart, Randal began his career as a freelance illustrator, transitioning with marketplace trends into multimedia design, digital illustration and then web design. 2014 is Randal’s 18th year involved in web strategy, design and development. His experiences and education in the marketplace have solidified his free market economic perspective and prepared him for his personal support of the goals and purpose of Turning Point USA.

Randal has lived in Oak Park, Illinois since 1980 and raised a family there. He ran unsuccessfully as the Republican candidate for Illinois State Senate for District 4 in 1998, and was involved in the local Republican Party for Oak Park Township during Steve Meyer’s tenure.