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Sarah Laszloffy
is a born and raised, tried and true Montanan. Growing up as the daughter of the former Speaker Pro-tem of the Montana House of Representatives, Sarah discovered her passion for public service at a very early age. It was there that she not only built aspirations to run for public office, but fell in love with everything Montana has to offer. She “grew-up” on the floor of the House of Representatives, and served two terms as the staffer for the Senate Judiciary Committee. At age 19 she decided to run for office and is currently the youngest member of the Montana State House of Representatives, where she sits on the Education and Judiciary committees. Human trafficking, education, creating a business friendly climate, and the national debt, that she and her generation are shouldering, are among her top priorities in her the legislature, as well as, motivating and inspiring young people to take up leadership positions in their communities, states, and nation.

She is the Montana State Director for ACE Scholarships, a foundation that provides scholarships to low-income families in Montana, Colorado and Louisiana. Sarah is passionate about education and committed to seeing that every student has access to a quality education that meets his or her needs.

Sarah grew up on her family’s farm south of Laurel, MT, and falls in the middle of her five sibling line up. Just like the majority of Montanan’s, she thoroughly enjoys a wide range of recreational activities under the Big Sky. Backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing and skiing with her brothers are high on her list of favorite past times. She also loves to travel, and has visited 21 countries.