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Help Us End Corruption in Oregon and stop single party rule!

The Governor and her insider cronies are attempting to limit the voice of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians like you and me. They refuse to work with the majority opinion that opposes the heavy handed, job killing measures they are passing in the dark of night.

  1. We stand together to support innovation, new business and free market ideas including issues like Uber –
  2. We support our business community and oppose any measure that forces our job creators into a position that eliminates jobs and increases regulation as legislated out of the single party ivory towers of Salem.
  3. We call on all Oregonians to remember the recent corruption we memorialize today and stop it before it happens again.


Working together, we can hold our legislators and executives accountable to make Oregon a better, more prosperous State!

Fill out the petition form below to help us in this cause. We need you and your voice down at the Capitol!

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