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A Government of the People Requires Term Limits.

Congress should represent the people, but unfortunately career politicians have locked in control of our legislative branch. A career where politicians have the ability to hang on to power for decades where they get rich and reward their cronies brings about the exact opposite of representative government.

Three, two-year terms in the House and two, six-year terms in the Senate (3-2 Term Limits) is a reasonable solution that allows local community leaders to serve and likely return to life back at home.The unfortunate reality is that we ask much of our representatives when we ask them to resist the temptations of money and power available in the capitol. Our current seniority-based system requires years of service before any congressmen has any hope of heading a committee or pushing through their legislative agenda. On average, not even one freshman member of Congress will see their legislation passed during their entire first, two-year term.

When someone stays in D.C. for years their priorities change, which is why it’s no accident that many public servants in congress become millionaires.

Term limits allow teachers, doctors, activists, and business owners to go to Washington with the realistic expectation of quickly moving their
legislative agenda and then returning back to their community.

We MUST force Congress to pass term limits.

All the politicians already know the through the roof polling on term limits, so it’s up to We The People to urge Congress to support term limits and prove their commitment to real representative government.