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William Frech is the Senior Financial Analyst of Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro, LLP. He focuses his broad financial expertise and analytical skills on  safety, soundness and regulatory issues facing financial institutions, as well as challenges facing individual and corporate borrowers.

Mr. Frech worked as a financial institutions regulator for the State of Illinois for over 29 years, moving up from a field examiner position into management through the Agency that became the Division of Banking within the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Within five years of joining the Agency he became Assistant Director of the Training Division, creating and presenting lesson plans for  both new and senior employees.  During this time Mr. Frech was also an instructor for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, teaching at CSBS sponsored examination schools across the country.  Subsequent to this position  he became a District Supervisor, a position he held for approximately 20 years.  During this time he held oversight responsibility for a portfolio of 40-50  financial institutions, many of which were in troubled condition.

William’s  background provides him with a broad and deep understanding of bank and financial institution regulations, as well as the current challenges facing these institutions, their boards, their management teams, and their customers. He participated in formal and informal enforcement actions, including Consent Orders, Civil Monetary Penalties, Removals from Banking and multiple bank closures. He was also responsible for the financial analysis of various corporate applications including merger, acquisition and de novo charter applications. Mr. Frech also worked closely with other regulatory agencies and various arms of law enforcement in furtherance of his responsibilities for the State.