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Turning Point USA writes and publishes custom publications designed to train, educate, and inspire young activists about important economic issues and principles.

These booklets are distributed on hundreds of college campuses each day, and are also available to read online for free.

For bulk orders or special requests, please contact [email protected].

50 Ways Capitalism
Improves Your Life

50 Ways Capitalism Makes Your Life Better gives you 50 examples of products and services made possible only through free market capitalism! Download coming soon.


5 Reasons Big Government Is The Real War On Women

5 Reasons Big Government is the Real War on Women challenges the notion that there is a “War on Women” waged by the right and discusses the ways in which big government hurts women. Click here to read!

10 Ways Fossil Fuels
Improve Our Daily Lives

10 Ways Fossil Fuels Improves Our Daily Lives discusses the many ways in which fossil fuels makes our lives safer, happier, and healthier.  Click here to read!

The Case Against
Gun Control

The Case Against Gun Control refutes several common gun control myths and uses facts and figures to explain how guns make us safer. Click here to read!

5 Reasons Censorship
Should Offend You

5 Reasons Censorship Should Offend You explains five reasons why people should be bothered by the current culture of political correctness. Click here to read!

Urban Failure

Urban Failure tells the story of many of America’s once great cities that have been ruined by liberal politicians and big government policies. Click here to read!

If The Founders
Had Twitter

If the Founders Had Twitter explains each aspect of our Founding Documents in 140 character or less. This witty, educational resource is a great way to educate students on the Constitution and what it means. Click here to read!


10 Ways America is the Best
Country in the History of the World

Americans should be proud of their country and this book explains why! This publication describes the top 10 reasons why America is the best nation in the history of the world. It also serves as a tool to fight back against the anti-American rhetoric often used in academia. Click here to read!


Everyone is better off with capitalism. iCapitalism explains the many ways in which capitalism has made student’s lives better!  From Uber to Amazon to Netflix, capitalism is helping everyone! Click here to read!


50 Wacky Ways The Government
Spends Your Money

50 Wacky Ways The Government Spends Your Money is a hilarious yet very informative publication that explores 50 ridiculous examples of government waste.   Click here to read!


Game of Loans

The student loan crisis has a dramatic impact on young people, but most students have no idea why they’re in so much debt. Game of Loans examines the history of the student loan crisis by picking apart every major piece of legislation that has led to the rising cost of college tuition. Click here to read!


How America Broke Its Wings

How America Broke Its Wings describes the history and real meaning of the terms “left-wing” and “right-wing,” and presents a new philosophy for to describe our political differences without developing sloppy language that leaves us unnecessarily divided. Click here to read!


The Healthcare Games

In November of 2014, a few weeks before the premiere of the new Hunger Games movie, TPUSA published a one-of-a-kind publication called The Healthcare Games! This book talks about the dangers of government-run healthcare from its intrusive nature to its big government approach. Click here to read!


10 Ways Big Government Harms You

10 Ways Big Government Harms You discusses 10 key reasons that big government is harmful including a lack of privacy, punishment of success, and a lack of options — all of which are important issues to young people. Click here to read!


You How to Debate Your Teacher

How To Debate Your Teacher is designed to empower students to get back against this progressive aggression in our schools. Turning Point USA has outlined a blueprint to deter the typical strategies used by teachers and professors; we have also provided tips to swing the narrative away from indoctrination toward a balanced classroom environment. Click here to read!