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1776 Society
1776 Society

JOIN US on the frontlines of the American Culture War by becoming a member of Turning Point USA’s 1776 Society!

Turning Point is the leading voice in America for conservatism and our nation’s founding principles. We play OFFENSE with a sense of URGENCY to win the American Culture War!

The unwavering support of our generous donors—and especially members of the 1776 Society—is critical to accomplishing our mission. With more 1776 Society members, we will continue to grow our movement and promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government at a scale never seen before!

JOIN US as we educate, empower, organize, and mobilize even more students across the country and create a new generation of strong American leaders who will defeat the Leftist threat and live up to our country’s highest ideals.

As a member of the 1776 Society, you can partner with us as we fight the radical Left and help young people love America again. Each 1776 Society membership level comes with its own exclusive benefits, all of which are detailed below.

Now is no time to stand on the sidelines. Join the fight. Join TPUSA today!

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