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In 2019, the Turning Point USA Influencer Media Program embarked upon a revolution, seeking out passionate thought leaders and personalities to amplify the message of freedom, free markets, and limited government across social media platforms and in their communities. Today, the program remains steadfast in its mission: to empower influencers and content creators with the tools and resources to reach a wider audience & champion those ideas. Many of the conservative movement’s brightest stars have found their footing right here!

Over the past five years, TPUSA has partnered with hundreds of dynamic personalities and content creators, from in-house contributors crafting content five days a week to influencers seamlessly integrating the message of freedom into their online presence and attending our premier events. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

TPUSA Influencers enjoy a plethora of opportunities, including speaking engagements on college campuses, participation in our national conferences, and collaborations with our production and social media teams to create compelling content that resonates with audiences. Our dedicated Public Relations team relentlessly pitches our influencers to relevant media outlets, resulting in numerous appearances on Fox News, Fox Business, Real America’s Voice, Newsmax, and many more.

If you share TPUSA’s core values, actively engage your followers on social media, and aspire to collaborate with TPUSA to promote freedom, free markets, and limited government across the digital landscape and beyond, we invite you to complete our Influencer Media Interest Form.

The goal is to impact culture through social media. Ideally, you’ll have a proven track record of building and engaging a significant following.