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The Spillover
The Spillover

The Spillover

On The Spillover, no topic is off limits. Alex interviews experts, doctors, and guests with inspiring stories to educate listeners on engaging and important topics. Thursday’s at 9pm EST

180 Episodes

“How Soda Companies Are Running America Like The Mob.” - @TheFoodBabe Vani Hari | The Spillover

”An Exposé On Baby Formula.” - With Sally Fallon Morell | The Spillover

“GET YOUR HORMONES TESTED! Where, How & Why.” - With Dr. Patrick Flynn | The Spillover

“Women’s Suffrage Was A Mistake?!” - With Professor Nancy Pearcey | The Spillover

"How Your Bluetooth & WiFi Might Be Making You Sick." - With August Brice | The Spillover

“I’m A Single Income SAHM On Less Than $50K: You Can Do It Too.” - @SproutingArrows | The Spillover

"Ancestral Diet, Sunshine, and Wise Traditions.” - With Hilda Labrada Gore | The Spillover

“The Predatory Side of Pediatrics.” - With Dr. Jill Simons | The Spillover

“Antidepressants Are Placebos & ADHD Is A Sham.” -Dr. Roger McFillin, PsyD | The Spillover

“America’s Food Supply Is On The Brink Of Collapse.” - Rancher AJ Richards | The Spillover

"A Child Called It: Where Is He Now?” - Survivor Dave Pelzer | The Spillover

“Who’s Actually The Problem: You Or Your Partner?” -Dr. Taylor Burrowes, PHD | The Spillover

“Nuclear Family Is The Cancer, Not The Cure.” - with Jefferson Bethke | The Spillover

“I Had Two Moms. Now I’m A Christian.” Evangelizing To LGBTQ Family w/ Ross Johnston | The Spillover

“Inside The Minds Of Serial Killers BTK & Ed Kemper.” - Forensic Psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland

“The Ultimate Home Birth Episode: Breech, VBAC, Twins & More!” Dr. Stu Fischbein, MD | The Spillover

“False Teachers, Spiritual Gifts, & False Converts.” - American Gospel with Costi Hinn

“How To Survive Rape, Abduction, and Terror Attacks" Former FBI Special Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer

“Why ‘Gentle Parenting’ Should Be Avoided By Christian Moms.” - With M Is For Mama | The Spillover

“Daycare Impacts On A Child’s Brain & Socialization Myths” - Dr. Erica Komisar, LCSW | The Spillover

CALEIGH HARDY INTERVIEW- “God’s HONEST Truth About Being A Country Singer’s Wife” | The Spillover

“Your Stanley Isn’t Safer Than Plastic, & Other Water Bombshells.” - Water Scientist Robert Slovak

“Circumcision Is Medically Unnecessary, Barbaric, & Traumatic.” -W/ Brendon Marotta | The Spillover

"Raising Conservative Kids In A Woke City" - Step By Step With Katy Faust | The Spillover

“My Ex Is Trying To Turn My Son Non-Binary.” -A Father’s Plea With Harrison Tinsley | The Spillover

Biblical Patriarchy W/ Bernadine Bluntly | The Spillover

Benny Johnson on Steven Crowder, Andrew Tate, and E-Thots | The Spillover

1000 Hours Outside w/ Ginny Yurich | The Spillover

“Wine & Sushi While Pregnant?!” - Prenatal Dietician Lily Nichols, RDN | The Spillover

Tech Wellness With August Brice | The Spillover

Anti-Feminism, the Birth Control Scam, and Modern Dating with Evie Editor-In-Chief Brittany Martinez

Plant Based HOAX W/ Vinnie Tortorich | The Spillover

“It’s Not Mom-Shaming, You’re Just Convicted.” - Daycare Truths With Suzanne Venker | The Spillover


“Drowned, Electrocuted & Tortured As A Child.” Surviving The Unthinkable w/ Victor Marx | Spillover

“I’m A Pro-Life Atheist.” - Your Religion Isn’t Strong Evidence With Monica Snyder | Spillover

Anti-Woke Wellness: Hormones, Non-Toxic Living & Home Birth | The Spillover Special

“My Down Syndrome Son Has Superpowers.” With Alan Lawrence | Spillover

“I Wrote Feminist Propaganda For Cosmopolitan.” - Writer Sue Ellen Browder | Spillover

You Can Homeschool! Yes, Even YOU.” - Eradicating Self-Doubt With Heidi St. John | Spillover

“I Was Called A Nazi For Choosing Homemaking Over Girl Bossing.” - Alena Pettitt | Spillover

"Why Is No One Inviting Me Over?” - Making Friends As Adults With Sally Clarkson | Spillover

“Conservative Christians Need To Stop Idolizing The 1950s.” - W/ Author Bekah Merkle | The Spillover

“Kids Aren’t Broken, Our Understanding Of Them Is.” - With Gen-Z Whisperer Tracey Martin | Spillover

“We Were Scammed: The Food Pyramid Farce.” - Taking On Big Food With Denise Minger | Spillover

“Trash Island is FAKE & GMOs Aren’t THAT Bad?” - Debunking Climate Change With Dr. Patrick Moore

“There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather.” - Scandinavian Parenting With Linda Åkeson McGurk

“Antichrists: There Will Be Many.” - The End Times With Theologian Samuel Sey

“Soon Going To Public School Will Feel Like A 20th Century Idea.” - w/ rebelEducator Hannah Frankman

“How To Homestead Anywhere In America.” - With Suburban ‘Wormsteader’ Natalie Argo

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