The Spillover

The Spillover

On POPlitics, Alex covers the day's biggest news stories from a conservative perspective in a fun, goofy, light-hearted way. On The Spillover, Alex will discuss the stories she's interested in, and interview guests that will educate Alex and listeners on important topics. Giving her fans a look at a side of Alex they don't get to see on POPlitics. No topic is off limits.

180 Episodes

“President Trump’s Diet Coke Button Was Real!” With Gen-Z Political Pioneer Karoline Leavitt

“I Don’t Believe In Soap, Shoes, & Shaving.” - Living Crispy With Dr. Courtney Kahla

Why Healthy, Beautiful Women Rub Beef Fat On Their Skin

Lays And Doritos Use Seed Oils Because The Government Pays Them To

Plastic in LuluLemon Leggings Is Killing Women

Most Food In Grocery Stores Isn't Even Food

“If We Fix Our Food, We Save The World.” - With Seed Oil Expert @ReallyTanMan

Help For Parents Who Want To Take Their Kids Out Of Public School

When Schools Help Kids Transition, Is It Considered Practicing Healthcare?

Main Foster Care Goal Should Be To Reunite Children With Their Biological Parents

Californian Explains Why Disrespect Towards Children Kept Her From Voting For Progressive Candidates

Are Social Workers Teaching Children Learned Helplessness?

“Parents, You’re Allowed To Have A Seat At The Trans Table.” - Former Child Therapist Teva Johnstone

Should Christians Be Okay With Prenups?

How Long Should It Take You To Know If You Love Someone?

Is "Not Going To Bed Angry" Actually Good Advice For Married Couples?

Couples Who Go On Dates Once A Week Are Less Likely To Divorce

“A How-To Guide For Ditching The Single Life & Staying Married.” - With @dearyoungmarriedcouple

"Black People Have It Worse In America Because They Are Black" Is An Illogical, Emotional Argument

Leftist Hide Their Extreme Ideologies Underneath Agreeable Terminology

Slavery Was Never Unique To America

The Media Has Been Lying To Black Voters For Decades

"How The 'Anti-Racist' Agenda Is Destroying The Black Community." - With Leonydus Johnson

“I Had To Be Deprogrammed After College Brainwashed Me.” - A True Story With Annabella Rockwell

"I Might Be Pregnant...& I'm Moving!" - Major Life Updates With HRH Collection

“I Got Cancer, Ditched Chemo & Healed Naturally.” - With Chris Wark

"Rewiring Your Brain To Have A Better Relationship With Food." - With Food Psych Jiordana Saade

“How To Live With Less & Do More.” - With Minimalist Mom Diane Boden

“Eating Your Way To Healthy Hormones.” - With Emily From @littleraeofhealth

“How To Create A Life Giving Home.” - The Art Of Homemaking With Sally Clarkson

“For Christmas, I Learned That My Husband Was A Pedophile.” - Biblical Divorce With Gloria Brintnall

"Hulu’s ‘Dopesick’ Was About Me: I Prescribed Oxy While Taking 100 Pills A Day”- W/ Dr. Stephen Loyd

“Ye, Balenciaga, Blogging In 2020 & Being Black Conservatives.” - With @RuthieRidley + @RachMoon

"I'm A Black Man Who Infiltrated The KKK & Lived." - Talking To People Who Hate You with Daryl Davis

"Permission To Grieve: The Forgotten Fathers Impacted By Abortion." - with Victoria Robinson

“STORIES FROM AN FBI DIVER: Israel Keyes, Laci Peterson, & TWA Flight 800.” - with Bobby Chacon

"The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling & What We Can Do About It." w/ Dr. Warren Farrell Ph.D.

"Exorcisms Are Our Family Business." - The Occult with Rick Hansen

“If You Travel The World, You’ll Find That People Are Mostly Based.” - Hot Takes With @ZubyMusic

“Being A Crappy Christian & The Fall Of Rachel Hollis.” - with @thegirlnamedblake

“Gov. Newsom Gave The Gift Of Life To The Man Who Killed My Daughter.” - Marc Klaas

“The Role Your Church Should Play In Addressing Political & Cultural Issues.” - Author Eric Metaxas

“A How-To Guide On Being A Pimp On A Blimp.” - The Hilarious Life Story of Comedian Alex Stein

”On 9/11, I Was A New Doctor Running A Morgue Out Of A Brooks Brothers.” - with Dr. Sandeep Jauhar

“My Kid’s School Charged Me $75k To See What She Was Learning. Now I’m Suing.” - With Nicole Solas

"An Uncomfortable Convo About IVF, Surrogacy, Gay Adoption & Divorce.” - with Katy Faust

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