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The Spillover

The Spillover

On POPlitics, Alex covers the day's biggest news stories from a conservative perspective in a fun, goofy, light-hearted way. On The Spillover, Alex will discuss the stories she's interested in, and interview guests that will educate Alex and listeners on important topics. Giving her fans a look at a side of Alex they don't get to see on POPlitics. No topic is off limits.

180 Episodes

“STORIES FROM AN FBI DIVER: Israel Keyes, Laci Peterson, & TWA Flight 800.” - with Bobby Chacon

"The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling & What We Can Do About It." w/ Dr. Warren Farrell Ph.D.

"Exorcisms Are Our Family Business." - The Occult with Rick Hansen

“If You Travel The World, You’ll Find That People Are Mostly Based.” - Hot Takes With @ZubyMusic

“Being A Crappy Christian & The Fall Of Rachel Hollis.” - with @thegirlnamedblake

“Gov. Newsom Gave The Gift Of Life To The Man Who Killed My Daughter.” - Marc Klaas

“The Role Your Church Should Play In Addressing Political & Cultural Issues.” - Author Eric Metaxas

“A How-To Guide On Being A Pimp On A Blimp.” - The Hilarious Life Story of Comedian Alex Stein

”On 9/11, I Was A New Doctor Running A Morgue Out Of A Brooks Brothers.” - with Dr. Sandeep Jauhar

“My Kid’s School Charged Me $75k To See What She Was Learning. Now I’m Suing.” - With Nicole Solas

"An Uncomfortable Convo About IVF, Surrogacy, Gay Adoption & Divorce.” - with Katy Faust

“I Got Rich Having Sex With Men & Women, But I Wanted To Kill Myself.” - Fmr Porn Star Joshua Broome

“Ask A Doctor Anything: Adderall, Health Care Corruption, Diet & More.” - With Dr. Jess Peatross M.D

“Was Baby Yoda A Diva?” - Getting To Know Gina Carano

“Big Pharma Almost Killed Me.” - Vaccine Injury Survivor Alix Mayer

“I Saw Dead People.” - Confessions From Former Psychic Jenn Nizza

"I'm Attracted To Men But I'm Not Gay." - Tell-All with Christian Walker

“Birth Control, Infertility & Understanding Your Hormones.” - Interview with Dr. Leah Gordon

“Hearing The National Anthem Moved Me To Tears.” - Finding America with Tanya Posobiec

BONUS EP: “What Is A Pro-Lifer’s Role In A Post Roe America?” - Interview with Kristan Hawkins

“I Saw Demons & Met God.” - Ayahuasca & Psychedelics with Mike Cernovich

"Digital Heroin: How Screens Are Destroying Your Kids." - With Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.

"Everything You're Doing Wrong When It Comes To Dating." - Celebrity Matchmaker Gina Hendrix

“I Was Only 11 When I Became Addicted To Porn.” - Lacy Abercrombie On Overcoming Shame

“BTK, The Zodiac, Ruby Ridge, Epstein & MORE.” - Interview with FBI Profiler Jim Clemente

"Sex Education In Public Schools Is More Disturbing Than You Thought." - Interview with Monica Cline

“America's Most Controversial Couple." - Allegations + Celeb Family Drama with Ali & John James

"I Coach Pregnant Women How To Have Pain-Free Birth." - Interview with Doula Karen Welton

"I Barely Survived Columbine." - Interview with Evan Todd

“The Truth About Alex Clark.” - Alex’s BFF Spills Insecurities, Dating Woes, & Controversial Career

"Tumblr Turned Me Trans." - Interview with Detransitioners Helena & Ryan

"I Left A Note, Climbed Out The Window, And Jumped Off The Roof." - Escaping Amish with Lizzie Ens

"I Killed Dirty John." - Interview with Terra Newell About Overcoming Trauma

"How I Went From A Communist, Cop Hating Leftist To Conservative." - Interview with @Leftist_Dropout

"The Dark Side Of The Birthing Business." - Interview with Allie Beth Stuckey

“How To Experience Heaven In Your Bedroom." - with Christian Sexpert Francie Winslow

“Michael Jackson, The Clintons, & Criminal Minds.” - Investigating with FBI Profiler Jim Clemente

"If You Get It You Get It & If You Don't You Don't." - Yelling with HRH Collection

“Blowing the Roof Off the Interior Design Industry." - With Chrisi Hammer & Catie Bouchard

“You Asked A Pastor WHAT?! - Sex, Love, and Dating with Pastor Jonathan Pokluda

“Cuteservatives SPILL ALL.” - Escaping Cults, Involuntary Manslaughter & More

“Planned Parenthood’s Lies & Pro-Life Controversies.” - Interview with Abby Johnson

“I Had A Deep Dark Secret No One Knew.” - Interview with Alexa PenaVega

“The Secret World of Fashion Influencers.” - Interview with @lipstickheelsandababy

“Country Music Is Not Racist.” - Interview with RaeLynn

"How Social Justice Has Corrupted Child Welfare In The U.S." – With Author Naomi Schaefer Riley

“Sometimes I Forget I Don’t Have Any Arms.” – Interview with Madysen Acey

"I Was Institutionalized Because of Q-Anon.” - Interview with Melissa Lively

“Negotiating Isn’t a Science, It’s an Art.” - Hostage Negotiator Ericka Stropka

“You Have a Birthday. I Have a Day I Was Accidentally Born Alive.” - Interview with Melissa Ohden

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