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Explore TPUSA’s original new media productions and stay up-to-date on all things news and pop culture. From today’s headlines to timeless truths - we aim to educate, enlighten, and entertain.


POPlitics is a daily show for those who love pop culture - without the propaganda.

Benny on The Block

Join Benny Johnson EVERY FRIDAY as he travels the nation to ask Americans their thoughts on the biggest topics of the week!

Freedom Fights

Freedom Fights reports on the facts of the Culture War raging across America.

Only in America

Only in America highlights success stories that could only happen in America.

TPUSA Originals

TPUSA Originals highlights the dangers of leftist thought and its effect on 21st century America.


Breakaway is here to boldly disrupt the sports media industry by changing the narrative. Jon Root is the unfiltered and unashamed conservative voice reclaiming the conversation every single week...nothing is off limits.


It’s time to reclaim the conversation on firearms. Join Paige every week as she humanizes the Second Amendment by empowering, educating, and demonstrating the rights afforded to us by the Constitution. This is Reloaded.

Debate Night

Debate is at the core of our Constitutional Republic. Shared ideas inspire innovation and collaboration. It makes way for empathy and wisdom, and shapes culture’s conversations. Debate Night with Charlie Kirk will bring the contested ideologies of today to the forefront of the cultural conversation. On Debate Night, nothing's off the table. Join Charlie Kirk every week as he tries to get to the root of the issues plaguing our nation.

Human Events Daily

Breaking news every single day. Join Jack Posobiec - the only Jack on Twitter that matters - as he covers everything that's down throughout the world.

Freedom Papers

The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers are often forgotten--especially in the classrooms--despite the role they playing in the founding of our nation. Join TPUSA and members of the Freedom Caucus as they break down these pivotal documents every single week.

The Spillover

On POPlitics, Alex covers the day's biggest news stories from a conservative perspective in a fun, goofy, light-hearted way. On The Spillover, Alex will discuss the stories she's interested in, and interview guests that will educate Alex and listeners on important topics. Giving her fans a look at a side of Alex they don't get to see on POPlitics. No topic is off limits.


Frontlines with Drew Hernandez is a 30-minute daily show, featuring breaking news stories revolving around his original reporting on some of the most explosive, consequential, and controversial stories of the day.