Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds

In just one minute, Monday through Friday, student activists will be given facts and truth-not lies and narratives. Freedom Seeds is giving our students ammo to win America's culture war on campus, online, and beyond.

180 Episodes

Today's Chinese Genocide

What's an Executive Order?

We Need Strong Masculinity

It's Time For More School Choice

Planned Parenthood is Racist

Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

DeFEND, Don't Defund the Police

The Cost of College is Out of Control

RIP The First Amendment 💔

Democratic Socialism Still SUCKS

Our 2021 Mental Health Crisis

Scientists Say Life Begins at Conception

Border walls FIGHT Human Trafficking

Where Are Conservative Professors?!

Fascism is here--and it’s from the Left

What’s the deal with SCOTUS?

China Has A Plastic Problem

Capitalism Cures

The FDA is WAY too powerful

Conservatives Conserve 🌎

Women SLAY the Workforce

Socialism = Poverty. Period.

It's Time for Truth

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