Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds

In just one minute, Monday through Friday, student activists will be given facts and truth-not lies and narratives. Freedom Seeds is giving our students ammo to win America's culture war on campus, online, and beyond.

180 Episodes

Cow farts or tofu?

How is tech impacting our dating lives?

Who pays American taxes?

2021 = Seriously Weak Border Security

The (TRUE) history of slavery

School Closures Are Allowing Kids to Fall Behind

Pro-Lifers and Adoption

Today’s EXODUS from Leftist states

What the HECK is due process?

We’re stealing from future generations

The US is Bankrolling the UN

Disney & the Chinese Communist Party

Are Stricter COVID Policies Preventing Cases?

Small Businesses Are the Backbone of the Economy

Weak Border Security is BAD NEWS

Obamacare Made Healthcare More Expensive

Cancel Culture Always Backfires

The Truth About the Keystone Pipeline

Religion Stabilizes Society

The Paris Climate Agreement Doesn’t Actually Save the Planet

Was There Ever a Constitutional Right for Slavery?

Brought to You by Fossil Fuels

The Left’s Ties to Homelessness

The Truth About Nuclear Energy

Higher Minimum Wage = More Expensive Childcare

Red Flag Laws are Unconstitutional

Who has Stronger Marriages?

The Left is Anti-Family

Strict Gun Control Doesn't Decrease Crime

COVID-19 is Changing College in America

Who’s More Charitable—the Left or the Right?

We Need Price Transparency

We ALL Love the Environment!

D.C. Isn’t A State For A Reason

Crony Capitalism ≠ Capitalism

COVID Lockdowns Changed the World

Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Make You Richer

Illegal Immigration Hurts American Workers

Real “Hate Speech” is Already Illegal

The Free Market is Sending Us to SPACE!

Religious Freedom is Under Attack

Capitalism Makes Us Richer

The VA is Government Healthcare

What Your Taxes Pay For

Today's Chinese Genocide

What's an Executive Order?

We Need Strong Masculinity

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