Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds

In just one minute, Monday through Friday, student activists will be given facts and truth-not lies and narratives. Freedom Seeds is giving our students ammo to win America's culture war on campus, online, and beyond.

180 Episodes

Offensive Speech is Free Speech

Legal Precedent Keeps Judges in Line

Teachers Unions are Funding the Left

Rising rates of youth suicide

Marriage in America

How COVID Ruined Your Office

Do Americans Trust the Government?

Big Government Hates the Environment

What happens during the first trimester?

Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Liberal vs. Leftist

Guns Save Lives

Native American Poverty On Reservations

What’s the Great American Outdoors Act?

Tax Freedom Day--What Is THAT?!

University Endowments

Conservatives are HAPPY!

Human Trafficking in Foster Care

Gun violence in the UK

Do people need to work?

Why Have Kids?

Young Americans & 1776

Americans Are Charitable

Homeschooling Is On The Rise

What is Groupthink?

America’s Declining Birth Rate

Conservatives In Hollywood

Media Skepticism is Rising

NYPD in 2021

What’s the Constitution’s Preamble?

2019 Poverty Rates In America

We love you, Dads!

Conservatives & Civil Rights

Patriarchy Who?

Church and State

Medical Innovation in America

Officers in the Line of Duty

Concealed Carry on the Rise

Exercise and Mental Health

The Cost of the Green New Deal

Texas is OPEN & COVID is DOWN!

Woke Sports = Bad Ratings


Child Sex Trafficking and the Southern Border

The Abortion Pill KILLS

We Want News!

Welfare is not socialism

Equality vs. Equity

BLM Inc.’s History of Fraud

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