TPUSA Originals

TPUSA Originals

TPUSA Originals exposes the dangers and pitfalls of leftist ideology and ultimately highlights the consequences such ideas could have on modern America.

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180 Episodes

ONLY IN AMERICA: From Nothing, To Something Great

Dear Socialism...No Thank You.

Only In America: The Incredible Foster Friess Story

The End Of The Republic

Communists Tried To Murder Her. Capitalists Saved Her.

A Long Walk In Socialism

California Is Burning: Inside The Collapse Of The Golden State

Best Case Ever For Defending Police

Do Not Mess With Our Country's Flag

The Deadliest Virus In The World: Communism

2020 Commencement Address From Rep. Dan Crenshaw

How To FIGHT The Leftist Mob… And WIN

Immigrant Business Owners Under Assault For Supporting Trump Get A Huge Surprise

Rapper YG Tried To Ruin My Life

Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie

Church Shooting Hero: Evil Exists, Defend Yourself

Holocaust Survivors Have A Message For AOC. Socialism Sucks: Thank You, Dr. Bob

Venezuelans Who Fled Socialism Have A Message For AOC! Socialism Sucks: Thank You Dr. Bob!

Do People In AOC's District Support Socialism? Socialism Sucks: Thank You, Dr. Bob!

Survivors Of Socialism Have A Message For Young Socialists. Socialism Sucks: Thank You Dr. Bob

Socialism Is The Modern Day Slavery

Bernie Fans Try To Answer: "Where Has Socialism Worked?" Socialism Sucks: Thank You Dr. Bob!

Starbucks Redemption: FREE Coffee For Cops!

Holocaust Survivors Beg President Trump To Make Holocaust Education Mandatory

Should TERRORISTS Be Allowed to Vote?

This Is The Face Of Leftist HATE!

Rob Smith: Terrorists Should NOT Vote In Our Elections!

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