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POPlitics is a daily show for those who love pop culture - without the propaganda. Hosted by Alex Clark & powered by TPUSA, the show airs everyday at 4 pm ET.

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180 Episodes

"Sex Education In Public Schools Is More Disturbing Than You Thought." - Interview with Monica Cline

Duggar Family Finally Speaks Out: Tells Anna Duggar To Divorce Josh

The Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson Controversy

Katy Perry LEAVES Hollywood & Calls It A “Bubble”

Netflix Tells Woke Employees To F-Off & Spillover Drama

Dr. Strange Star Exposed As Child Rapist & Jack Regrets Banning Trump

“America's Most Controversial Couple." - Allegations + Celeb Family Drama with Ali & John James

Something Smells Fishy

Target Sells Torture Instruments For Kids & Dua Lipa Talks Guns

Elon Musk Is Giving Us “Anti-Christ” Vibes

These Are The People Funding Hate Campaigns Against Elon Musk

"I Coach Pregnant Women How To Have Pain-Free Birth." - Interview with Doula Karen Welton

Dave Chappelle Assaulted On Stage: Is This The New Norm?

Did Governor DeSantis Make A Huge Mistake Going After Disney?

Drake Is A Horn Dog For Ben Shapiro’s Sister!

Have You Heard Of The Box Theory?! + Scientology Is Selling Humans

WTF Is President Biden’s “Ministry Of Truth” + How To Turn A Guy Down

"I Barely Survived Columbine." - Interview with Evan Todd

Amber Heard’s Personality Disorders EXPLAINED + The Left WANTS High Gas Prices

Let’s Explore The 100% RAW Meat Diet

Is Tinx Conservative?! + Caila Quinn Accused Of Animal Abuse

“The Truth About Alex Clark.” - Alex’s BFF Spills Insecurities, Dating Woes, & Controversial Career

The JUICIEST Parts Of The Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial

LibsOfTikTok Scandal, Revolve Fest & Is Judge Mizelle Qualified or Not?

Alex Found Something Belonging To Another Girl In Her Boyfriend’s Car!!!


"Tumblr Turned Me Trans." - Interview with Detransitioners Helena & Ryan

Britney Spears Makes The Worst Pregnancy Announcement Ever

Cole and Sav LaBrant Break The Internet With Pro-Life Documentary

Disturbing Footage Of Will & Jada + Disney Funds Mutilation For Minors

Middle School Grinding, Vanessa Hudgens Speaks To Ghosts, & Free Money If You’re Trans

"I Left A Note, Climbed Out The Window, And Jumped Off The Roof." - Escaping Amish with Lizzie Ens

“I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Elon Musk Becomes Twitter Overlord & Cole Sprouse Exposes Disney

Do Overachieving Mommy Bloggers Make You Feel Like Crap?

Newfound Footage Shows Jim Carrey Attempting To Lick Will Smith?!

"I Killed Dirty John." - Interview with Terra Newell About Overcoming Trauma

Rep. Cawthorn Says Sex Parties & Cocaine Use Rampant In DC

Kim K Apologizes For Telling Women To Get Up & Work + VIP YWLS WINNER

Get Slappy Wit it

The News Is Editing Photos Of Lia Thomas To Manipulate You

I Know What A Woman Is, And No, I’m Not A Biologist

"How I Went From A Communist, Cop Hating Leftist To Conservative." - Interview with @Leftist_Dropout

Is Machine Gun Kelly A Rape Apologist?

What You’re Not Being Told About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Why ‘The Morning Toast’ Fans Are Attempting To Cancel Alex HRH Collection

California’s War On Chickin & Hunter Biden’s Laptop-Gate

Kim K Pokes Pete With Hot Coals & We’re Exfoliating With Cheez-Its

"The Dark Side Of The Birthing Business." - Interview with Allie Beth Stuckey

‘Turning Red’ VS ‘The Adam Project’ & Who’s To Blame For Gas Prices?

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