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Ep 373 | 5 Most Hypocritical Celebs

EP 372 | Technicolor Terror: The True Story Of Lisa Frank

Ep 372 | Quic Politic: The Terrifying Origins Of The Trans Movement

Ep 370 | Brittany Aldean Destroys Vice President Kamala Harris

Ep 369 | EVERYONE’S A HYPOCRITE: The Bachelor, Demi Lovato, OK Boomer Girl & Hollywood

Ep 368 | Is Gwen Stefani Conservative & Fauc Off Fauci

Ep 367 | Did Ellie Kemper Do A KKK Beauty Pageant & Bottled Water Wars

Ep 366 | BLM Co-Founder Resigns Because She’s A Big Ol’ Race Baiting FRAUD

Ep 365 | New Changes At Fox News & Period Witchcraft For Teens

Ep 364 | Cheugs, Celebrity Snot Rockets, & Chip And Joanna Fight CRT

Ep 363 | Pronouns For Breakfast & John Cena Is Owned By China

Ep 362 | Hollywood Gives An Accused Pedophile A Movie About A Pedophile

Ep 361 | MUSIC MONDAY: Chris Pratt Is Dropping An Album & “Sour” SLAPS

Ep 360 | FOW: Demitrious Lovatrious Fully Embraces Poot Life

Ep 359 | “if you mess with the Bull you get the horns”

Ep 358 | The Simpy Ginger Prince Trashes The 1st Amendment & We Big Mad

Ep 357 | Alex On The Street

Ep 356 | Quick Politic: Big Myths On Gun Control BUSTED

Ep 355 | Instagram Is A Cinnabigot & ‘This Is Us’ Is Now ‘This Is Over’

Ep 354 | The Struggle IsRael: Why The Hadid Sisters Are Idiots

Ep 353 | Joshua Bassett Comes Out & Should Girls Make The First Move

Ep 352 | Send TikTok Chefs To Gitmo & Ben Shapiro Is Innocent

Ep 351 | Ina Garten Called Out By Leftist Because She Cooks For Husband

Ep 350 | JUSTICE FOR DADDY DAVE! Magazine Backtracks On Him As Cover Star

Ep 349 | No, Billy Boy Gates Is Not My Sugar Daddy So Stop Asking

Ep 348 | Alex Calls Out CUTEservatives For A Crime

Ep 347 | Josh Duggar Can’t Dig Himself Out Of This One! LOCK HIM UP!

Ep 346 | This Is Not A Democracy, It’s A Cheerocracy

Ep 343 | Kamala’s Immigrant Book Fair & LA Hiding The Homeless

Ep 344 | Huge POPlitics Family Announcement & Bearded Lady Emojis

Ep 342 | Knives: “Promoter Of Peace”?

Ep 341 | This Week In Pop Culture History

Ep 340 | CLOWN ALERT: Planned Parenthood Admits To Racist Past🤡

Ep 339 | Macaulay Culkin Is Racist For Saying He’s Excited To Have Little Asian Babies

Ep 338 | TikTok Drama Explained & ABC Doesn’t Want White Leads

Ep 337 | Colton Underwood Is Gay & Lizzo Says Skinny People Are Hijacking Body Positivity

Ep 336 | Biden Admin Plans To Use Redneck Pop Culture To Promote Vaccine LOL

Ep 334 | Is James Charles A Child Groomer & More BLM Tea

Ep 335 | The Gov Is Paying Influencers To Take The Vaccine

Ep 333 | Dave Chappelle Reveals Celebs Bullied Trump Admin In White House

Ep 332 | Caitlyn Jenner For California Gov & DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK

Ep 331 | Is Hollywood Homophobic & Bieber’s Cancel Culture Song

Ep 330 | Leftist Secrets Of The MLB & Planned Parenthood Gets Called Out

Ep 329 | Are Georgia Voting Laws Racist?

Ep 328 | SpongeBob Pulled For ‘Insensitivity’ & Addison Rae’s Dancing Is Racist

Ep 327 | Vaccine Passports Signal The End & ‘The Office’ Is In Trouble


Ep 325 | Alex Clarks Morning Skincare Routine

Ep 324 | Chrissy Teigen Can’t Take The Heat & Protecc The Aldeans


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