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POPlitics is a daily show for those who love pop culture - without the propaganda. Hosted by Alex Clark & powered by TPUSA, the show airs everyday at 4 pm ET.

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Is THIS Every Baseball Player?

What's Worse: Screaming In A Store Or Looting It?

Reacting To The Biggest ICKS On The Internet

You Can Homeschool! Yes, Even YOU.” - Eradicating Self-Doubt With Heidi St. John | Spillover

The Real Reason Why Chris Pratt Isn't ACTUALLY Conservative

SHOULD Boyfriend's Notice Their Girlfriend's Pedicure?

What Did That ONE Weird Kid At Your High School Do?

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This Is What's WRONG With Disneyland Ride Lines


The 5 Types Of Single Women In Their 30s

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It Isn't A Taylor Swift Concert If She Doesn't Do THIS

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Why Girl Bossing = Brainwashing

Do Men REALLY Care About Social Status?

Is A Messy Home Grounds For DIVORCE??

How Do YOU Identify?

The Target Boycott Changing EVERYTHING

What A Taylor Swift Song ACTUALLY Sounds Like

Khloe Kardashian Is A GRIM Warning About Dangers Of Surrogacy

“I Was Called A Nazi For Choosing Homemaking Over Girl Bossing.” - Alena Pettitt | Spillover

Is This Make Up ACTUALLY Controversial?

The BIGGEST Problem With Women's Prisons

You Will NOT BELIEVE This Beauty Commercial

Is Caitlyn Jenner The BIGGEST Hypocrite?

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Male Lactation Is Like Fast Food For Babies

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