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POPlitics is a daily show for those who love pop culture - without the propaganda. Hosted by Alex Clark & powered by TPUSA, the show airs everyday at 4 pm ET.

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Ever Wonder Dachshund & Golden Retriever Puppy Looks Like?

ADORABLE Moment 9yr Old Gets A Stanley Cup For Bday

If ‘Elf’ Was A Thriller

Trump CAUGHT DJing On Golf Course!

Grandpa Can’t Take His Wife’s FREEZING AC Any Longer!!

DINK Trend Continues To Grow Out Of Control

John Kerry Farts LIVE In Front Of Audience

Do Men Find This Attractive?


“Who’s Actually The Problem: You Or Your Partner?” -Dr. Taylor Burrowes, PHD | The Spillover

The Secret To Understanding Women

Anya Taylor-Joy's CRINGE Fan Interaction

DINKS Brag About Their Private Lives FOR WHAT???

It’s Scientifically IMPOSSIBLE For Women To Be FWB

Paris Hilton's Unsettling Motherhood Journey | POPlitics Live

Paris Hilton NEVER Changed Her Son's Diaper!?

Millennial Couple Values SNACKS More Than Children

‘Home Alone’ Grocery Prices Are SHOCKING

🍑 BUTTS And Leggings Are Going Viral

Trans MURDERER Housed With FEMALE Inmates

Will They Try To Trans Billie Eilish?

The Golden Bachelor Admits He DID LIE!!

This Is TERRIBLE Hookup Advice

Husband Doesn’t Want Wife To Be SAHM

Conservatives Allege Dads Bonding With Babies Are Gay/Trans

Something’s Up...Taylor Swift’s PR Makes RARE Statement

You Will Never Guess HOW OLD This Rapper Is

Grandma At Palestinian Protest Doesn’t Know Why She’s There

Average Night At The Clubs With Today’s Youth

Dylan Mulvaney Can’t Stop Crying

Is The Golden Bachelor A Fraud??

“Nuclear Family Is The Cancer, Not The Cure.” - with Jefferson Bethke | The Spillover

Gigi Hadid Confesses To Posting Fake News On Israel

Cali Security Guard ALLOWS Theft At NIKE

Something Is Off With Matt Rife | POPlitics Live

Trans Hates Bible Verse On In-N-Out Cup

LGBTQ Converts to ISLAM!

LADIES, Don't You Hate It When Your Balls Itch?

Idaho 4 Survivor Causes Controversy In Leaked Video

MAYBE There WAS An Affair Between Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell!

ALL WOMEN Need To Care About True Crime

Is It Acceptable For A Man To Do This?

DEBATE: Is It Okay To Film Yourself At The Gym?

Does Everyone Deserve A Pass To Cheat ONCE?

How To Know Your Attachment Style

Dreading Thanksgiving Drama? Here's Some Advice

Bank Suspects Trans of IDENTITY Fraud

“I Had Two Moms. Now I’m A Christian.” Evangelizing To LGBTQ Family w/ Ross Johnston | The Spillover

An Update About YOU KNOW WHO


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