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CNN Can’t Even Deny It: POTUS & The VP Hate Each Other

What Is This School Board President Doing With Secret Files On Parents?

"Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. I Know Because I Killed Him." – Interview with Robert J. O'Neill

Stop Posting Pictures Of Yourself Crying, It’s Weird

Why The Mob Is Turning On Precious Carrie Underwood

Was Travis Scott’s Concert A Satanic Ritual?!

What Your Fave POPlitics Episode Says About You!

"You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy." The Great Reset with Jack Posobiec

Time Off Work To Grieve Abortion & Glenn Beck’s Joe Rogan Theory

Ep 466 | Is The “R Word” Offensive & Going Trans ≠ Problems Solved

Ep 465 | There’s Something Seriously Scary Going On With Jan 6th Prisoners


Ep 463 | Zayn Slaps Gigi Hadid’s Mom + Tom Brady's Marriage Drama

"I Knew I Was On Fire." – Interview with Burn Survivor Medley Zeigler

Ep 462 | The 50 Spoopiest Serial Killers From Every State

Ep 461 | Waco Siege: Religion, Cults, and Tragedy In Texas

Ep 460 | Ruby Ridge Siege: Mayhem & Massacre on the Mountaintop

Ep 459 | Fauci’s Secret Evil Experiments & Netflix To Roast The Jonas Bros

Ep 458 | Alec Baldwin’s Prop Gun Disaster & President Biden’s Potty Mouth

When Dating To Marry Doesn't End In Marriage: With Isabel Brown and Morgan Zegers

Ep 457 | Chick-Fil-A Holds The Line & Condoleezza Rice Destroys CRT

Ep 456 | Grow Up Channing Tatum & Why Is No One Working?!

Ep 455 | Dan Bongino Gives Cumulus An Ultimatum & Men Having Dress Wars

Ep 454 | The Bieber’s Bizarre Secret & China’s Real Life ‘Squid Game’

Ep 453 | A Haunted Playboy Mansion & Selling Human Bones on TikTok

The Most Divisive Topic In Society: Abortion Apologetics with Josh Brahm

Ep 452 | Candace Cameron Bure Has PTSD & Couric Admits She’s Fake News

Ep 451 | Deadbeat Dads, Hulu’s ‘Dopesick’, & Justice For Kacey Musgraves

Ep 450 | Self-Love Is A Scam & Joe Biden Attends A RHOC Wedding

Ep 449 | Have You Wondered What Happens To The Parents Of School Shooters?

"My Whole Career I've Fought For Girls Who Have Been Sexually Abused." – Interview w/ Francey Hakes

Ep 447 | Brittany Murphy Doc + Zodiac Caught + Call Her ‘Back Together’?!

Ep 446 | Chris Pratt SPOTTED With Iconic Conservative & Rehoming Dogs

Ep 445 | Squid Games, Jojo Siwa’s Stupid Comment, & COUCH GUY

Ep 444 | SHOCKER: There Never Was An Abortion In Roe V. Wade

Ep 448 | Super Bowl Half-Time Hot Lineup & Jason Aldean’s Bold Statement

"In that moment, I knew I was going to die." – Interview with Midsi Sanchez

Ep 443 | Is Governor Noem Having An Affair + LulaRICH And MLM Cults

Ep 442 | Chrissy Teigen Gets Slammed by Comedian Heather McDonald

Ep 441 | Shaq Slams Dimwit Celebs & Denzel Washington Talks Faith + MERCH

Ep 440 | They’re Retaliating Against Rihanna Already

Ep 439 | The New York City Subway Hero & Pro-Life Country Song

"The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." – Interview with Author Abigail Shrier

Ep 438 | We’re Eating Cake And Octopus For Breakfast, So What?

Ep 437 | Uma Thurman’s Teenage Abortion & Alex Predicted the Britney Doc

Ep 436 | Is It True That Missing White Girls Get More Media Coverage?

Ep 435 | More Stars Speak Out Against Tyrannical Gov Mandates

Ep 434 | Who’s ACTUALLY Pro-Woman: Conservatives or the Left?

"He was shooting Execution Style." – Interview with Suzanna Hupp

Ep 433 | Dating Advice For Singleservatives

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