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POPlitics is a daily show for those who love pop culture - without the propaganda. Hosted by Alex Clark & powered by TPUSA, the show airs everyday at 4 pm ET.

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Pete Davidson Enters Trauma Therapy After Breakup & Cringiest Celeb Couple Alert

Rest In Peace SKETE! + Jennette McCurdy Exposes Nickelodeon Pedos

“Was Baby Yoda A Diva?” - Getting To Know Gina Carano

Reese Witherspoon Is Using Top Gun: Maverick As Inspo For Legally Blonde 3!

Taylor Swift First Batch Of Bad PR In Years!

How The Kardashian’s Saved POPlitics?! + Shawn Mendes is Over

Sydney Sweeney Can Barely Afford Liberal Run LA

“Big Pharma Almost Killed Me.” - Vaccine Injury Survivor Alix Mayer

SUE THE VIEW: Turning Point USA In Legal Battle With ABC Talk Show

Jojo Siwa Comes After Candace Cameron Bure & Trump Family Cancer Diagnosis

“I Saw Dead People.” - Confessions From Former Psychic Jenn Nizza

A-List Actress Attempts Suicide & Elon Musk’s Dad Impregnates His Daughter

Christian Walker vs Kehlani + Elizabeth Warren Slams Pro-Life Centers

"I'm Attracted To Men But I'm Not Gay." - Tell-All with Christian Walker

Cardi B Destroys Deadbeat Moms & Dads

Gentleminions Attack, Simone Biles Mistaken For A Child & BB24 Racism?!

Twitter Argues That Anne Frank Benefited From White Privilege

Lindsay Lohan Secrets & Addison Rae Family Fall-Out

CLOWN MOMENT: It’s Now Bigoted To Discuss The Danger Of STD’s

“Birth Control, Infertility & Understanding Your Hormones.” - Interview with Dr. Leah Gordon

Hollywood Stars Express Their Disappointment With Biden Presidency On WH Phone Call

Cameron Diaz LEAVES Retirement & Luke Combs’ Weight Loss Journey

“Hearing The National Anthem Moved Me To Tears.” - Finding America with Tanya Posobiec

Chris Pratt Says “I’m Not A Religious Person”

Charli D’Amelio Is Going To Be Kourtney Kardashian’s Daughter In Law!!!

Is Hilary Duff Feuding With Sister Haylie Because She’s Conservative?

Give Drew Barrymore A Home Renovation Show & Tanning Is Racist

BONUS EP: “What Is A Pro-Lifer’s Role In A Post Roe America?” - Interview with Kristan Hawkins

“I Saw Demons & Met God.” - Ayahuasca & Psychedelics with Mike Cernovich

Elon Musk’s Secret Trans Kid & Mr. Bean Calls Out Cancel Culture

Is Amber Heard A Maxxinista? + New Crackdown On Trans Swimmers

USA Today’s Fake News Scandal & Is Dwight Schrute Transphobic?

Is SeaWorld Sexually Abusing Whales?

"Digital Heroin: How Screens Are Destroying Your Kids." - With Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.

Christina Aguilera’s Hulk Dong & Period Dramas Are Back

The Word ‘Spaz’ Is A Slur & ‘Joker 2’ Is A Literal Joke

LGBTQ Says “Child Drag Shows Are Necessary”

What Is ‘Running Up That Hill’ By Kate Bush About?

Hoarding Fast Food Condiment Packets Deserves The Death Penalty

"Everything You're Doing Wrong When It Comes To Dating." - Celebrity Matchmaker Gina Hendrix

Brad Pitt Wants To Take Angelina Jolie To Court After Success Of Johnny Depp

Is Joanna Gaines Subtly Supporting Pride Month

“I Was Only 11 When I Became Addicted To Porn.” - Lacy Abercrombie On Overcoming Shame

I Know What You Did At Summer Camp

“BTK, The Zodiac, Ruby Ridge, Epstein & MORE.” - Interview with FBI Profiler Jim Clemente

Kellyanne Conway’s Marriage Drama & A Secret Hollywood Cool Mom Club

Will Smith Foreshadowed His Own Demise In January 2022 Interview

Yumi Nu Has Mic Drop Moment Responding to Jordan Peterson’s Diss

"Sex Education In Public Schools Is More Disturbing Than You Thought." - Interview with Monica Cline

Duggar Family Finally Speaks Out: Tells Anna Duggar To Divorce Josh

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