Benny on The Block

Benny on The Block

Join Benny Johnson EVERY FRIDAY as he travels the Nation to ask Americans to weigh in on the biggest topics of the week!

180 Episodes

Ep 21 | Inside Socialist New York City

Ep 23 | Does Anyone Support Packing The Court?

Ep 22 | Peaceful Protests Or Domestic Terror?

Ep 20 | Would Las Vegas Gamblers Redistribute Their Winnings?

Ep 19 | Las Vegas Responds to Open Casinos But Closed Churches

Ep 18 | Is BLM Rioting And Looting Winning Over Anyone?

Ep 17 | Does America Support BLM Burning Churches?

Ep 16 | Do D.C. Residents Want To Defund The Police? It Depends Who You Ask

Ep 15 | Do Black Lives Actually Matter to Leftist Politicians?

Ep 14 | Portland In Ruins: ANTIFA Is Not A Myth

How Not To Get Arrested When Protesting In Portland

Ep 13 | INSANE: Is George Washington University Cancelling Our Founding Father?!

Inside Nancy Pelosi’s District: This Is Not What America Should Look Like

Ep 11 | Should We Cancel Georgetown Since It Was Named After King George?

How To Create Your Own Autonomous Zone

Ep 10 | BLM is Communist: Why Do They Love Capitalism So Much?

Ep 9 | They Live In A Deadly Neighborhood. Do They Want To "Defund The Police?"

Ep 8 | Leftists Try Answering Questions About Statues They’re Tearing Down

Ep 7 | Leftists Try To Explain Their Border Policy — It’s HORRIFYING

Ep 6 | Citizens of CHAZ love strong Border Security & GUNS


Ep 5 | Californians Are SICK & TIRED of their Government

Ep 4 | Black Veteran and MLK-Era Activist Have A Message For ANTIFA

Ep 3 | Michigan Has A Message For Tyrant Gov. Whitmer

Ep 2 | Californians React To Pelosi Shoving Her Face With Ice Cream

Ep 1 | Are Americans Enjoying Their FREE Trial of Socialism?

Family Fights Michigan Lockdown

NEW Season of Benny On The Block!

Coming Soon: New Season of Benny On The Block

Christians Have A Message For Nancy Pelosi

The Left Wants To Impeach Trump For Assassinating Star Wars Villain!

Leftists Want Trump IMPEACHED For Obama/ Clinton Scandals

Have Impeachment Hearings Convinced Californians?

Liberals Try To Answer: "What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?"

Bernie Fans Try To Answer: "Where Has Socialism Worked?" Socialism Sucks: Thank You Dr. Bob!

Elijah Cummings' Baltimore Constituents Confirm: Rats, Trash, Crime, Drugs

Do People Who Live In AOC's District Think She Deserves A Raise?

Do AOC's Constituents Think America Runs Concentration Camps?

Do People In AOC's District Support Socialism?

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