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Benny on The Block

Join Benny Johnson EVERY FRIDAY as he travels the nation to ask Americans to weigh in on the biggest topics of the week! You won't want to miss what they have to say!

180 Episodes

Texan Patriots Love Constitutional Carry! [BOTB Episode 58]

Patriots Take Over Tampa [BOTB Episode 57]

What Did You Do With the 16¢ Biden Saved You? [BOTB Episode 56]


EXCLUSIVE TOUR Nancy Pelosi’s Great Wall With Madison Cawthorn [BOTB Ep 54]

How Much Would Regular Americans Pay For Hunter Biden’s “Art”?

Does Kamala Do Anything? [BOTB Ep 52]

These Floridians Have a Warning for Antifa! [BOTB Ep 51]

Patriot Bikers Have A Message For The President [BOTB Ep 50]

DEFEND or DEFUND The Police? [BOTB Episode 49]

Gas Gone Wild!! Americans Obliterate Gas Hating Commies! [BOTB Ep. 47]

Do Georgia Residents Think It’s Racist When You Ask Them For Their ID? [BOTB Ep. 46]

Are These Americans Brave Enough To Take On The #BidenChallenge? [BOTB Ep. 45]

Bill De Blasio: Good or Bad? [Benny On The Block Episode 44]

Libs Try To Answer Why Walls Work In DC But Not The Border?[Benny On The Block Episode 43]

Even Liberal New Yorkers Hate Gov. Cuomo. SAVAGE! [Benny On The Block Episode 42]

Will Free Americans Follow The Double Mask Mandate?! [Benny On The Block Episode 41]

Floridians Have A Message For People Fleeing Lockdown States[Benny On The Block 40]

Tom Brady Fans Have A Message For His Haters😂[Benny On The Block 39]

INSIDE DC: A City In Ruins [Benny On The Block 38]

EXCLUSIVE: Tour Of The Great Wall Nancy Pelosi Built [Benny On The Block 37]

Should Trump Be Impeached...Again?! [Benny On The Block 36]

Who Normalized Political Violence In Our Country? [Benny On The Block 35]

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions? [Benny On The Block 34]

What Are You Most Thankful For In 2020? [Benny On The Block 33]

Do These Freezing People Believe In Global Warming? [Benny On The Block 32]

We Asked People At CNN HQ If CNN Is Fake News [Benny On The Block 31]

Does Georgia Want Socialism? [Benny On The Block 30]

Which Side Are You On? [Benny On The Block 28]

Greatest Moments of the Year! [Benny On The Block 27]

Tyrannical Socialism: Is This What You Want Your City To Look Like? [Benny On The Block 26]

Ep 25 | Do People In Pennsylvania Want The Green New Deal?

Ep 24 | Does America’s Most Dangerous City Want To Defund Their Police?

Ep 21 | Inside Socialist New York City

Ep 23 | Does Anyone Support Packing The Court?

Ep 22 | Peaceful Protests Or Domestic Terror?

Ep 20 | Would Las Vegas Gamblers Redistribute Their Winnings?

Ep 19 | Las Vegas Responds to Open Casinos But Closed Churches

Ep 18 | Is BLM Rioting And Looting Winning Over Anyone?

Ep 17 | Does America Support BLM Burning Churches?

Ep 16 | Do D.C. Residents Want To Defund The Police? It Depends Who You Ask

Ep 15 | Do Black Lives Actually Matter to Leftist Politicians?

Ep 14 | Portland In Ruins: ANTIFA Is Not A Myth

How Not To Get Arrested When Protesting In Portland

Ep 13 | INSANE: Is George Washington University Cancelling Our Founding Father?!

Inside Nancy Pelosi’s District: This Is Not What America Should Look Like

Ep 11 | Should We Cancel Georgetown Since It Was Named After King George?

How To Create Your Own Autonomous Zone

Ep 10 | BLM is Communist: Why Do They Love Capitalism So Much?

Ep 9 | They Live In A Deadly Neighborhood. Do They Want To "Defund The Police?"

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