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Freedom Papers

Freedom Papers

The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers are often forgotten--especially in the classrooms--despite the role they play in the founding of our nation. Join TPUSA and members of the Freedom Caucus as they break down these pivotal documents every single week.

180 Episodes

Purpose of the Papers - [Freedom Papers Ep. 1]

Federalist 10: Role of Central Governments - [Freedom Papers Ep. 2]

The Reason for the Union - [Freedom Papers Ep. 3]

A Matter of National Security - [Freedom Papers Ep. 4]

The Real Character of the Executive - [Freedom Papers Ep. 5]

Concerning the Militia - [Freedom Papers Ep. 6]

Unjust Causes of War - [Freedom Papers Ep. 7]

Dangers From Foreign Forces and Influence - [Freedom Papers Ep. 8]

Dissensions Between the States - [Freedom Papers Ep. 9]

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