Freedom Fights

Freedom Fights

The country’s most electric cultural conversations and debates play out on the streets of America in an informative and entertaining way.

180 Episodes

Charlie Kirk: Why Does Big Tech Hate Capitalism? Are Google, Facebook, and Apple Cultural Marxists?

The Best Argument for Welfare Reform | Brandon Tatum

Ron DeSantis Can't Stop Winning

My Journey to Conservatism | Brandon Tatum

Americans Need to Toughen Up | Dan Crenshaw

Toxic Masculinity Saved The World | Dana Loesch

Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Anti Semite

Don Jr. DEFENDS Charlie Kirk Against Disruptive Protesters

Alex Clark | The Cult of Leftism

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk SHUT DOWN Socialist

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk WRECK Marxist

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk RIP Leftist Violence

Tomi Lahren | 3 Keys to Success at a Young Age

Candace Owens | Is White Supremacy on the Rise in America?

Candace Owens DEBUNKS Reparations Scam

Candace Owens OBLITERATES Toxic Masculinity | Let Boys Be Boys

Donald Trump: Our Movement Is Far From Over | We Will Win!

Charlie Kirk SHUTS DOWN America Hater | If You Don't Like America, Leave

Candace WRECKS Race Baiter

Candace Owens RIPS Apart Celebrity Culture | Who Cares What They Think?

Anna Paulina Luna is Unapologetically Pro-Life | She Wasn't Always

Will Witt WRECKS College Victim Culture

Judge Jeanine BLASTS Pandemic Insanity | Tyrannical Lockdowns are Destroying America

Ben Shapiro TACKLES Illegal Immigration

Ben Shapiro: Is the 2nd Amendment Outdated?

Ben Shapiro | Radical Islam & Immigration

Ben Shapiro | The NECESSITY of Gun Rights

Don Jr. Does the COOLEST Thing Ever | Don't Miss This

Charlie Kirk Defends Meritocracy AGAINST Socialist | 3 Most Important Choices You Can Make

Charlie Kirk DESTROYS ObamaCare | It's A Broken System

Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens TORCH Repressive Speech in Europe | Best Question EVER!

Graham Allen Lays Out the Debate | Government Dependency vs. Individual Liberty

Rob Smith DEMOLISHES Covid Hypocrisy | Rules For Thee, Not For Me

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk BLAST The Left On Illegal Immigration & Human Trafficking

Candace Owens Reads SNL for Censoring Kanye West

Terrence Williams Comedy Sketch | Hilarious TPUSA Roast

Donald Trump Jr. ANNIHILATES Student on Foreign Policy | Incompetence and Weakness Don't Work

Larry Elder | "Racism Is No Longer A Major Problem In America"

Charlie Kirk + Candace Owens SUPLEX Climate Change Believer | Science is Not a Democracy

Jordan Peterson: The Fundamental Necessity of Hierarchy | Full Speech

Candace Owens + Charlie Kirk TAG TEAM Toxic Feminism | Modern Feminists Hate Men

Kayleigh McEnany Stands Up to the Mob | Do You Want to Follow the Crowd?

Charlie Kirk + Candace Owens SHUT DOWN Disruptive Protestors | Why Are These Students So Angry?

Kayleigh McEnany DESTROYS Socialism | The Horrors of Government Takeover

Candace Owens POWERFUL White House Speech | A Historical Moment At The Young Black Leadership Summit

Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Wall Skeptic | Why Walls Work

Terrence Williams Roasts Maxine Waters | Impeach 45!

Candace Owens DESTROYS Identity Politics | The Difference Between Identity vs. Identity Politics

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