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Freedom Fights
Freedom Fights

Freedom Fights

The country’s most electric cultural conversations and debates play out on the streets of America in an informative and entertaining way.

180 Episodes

Packing the Court Compromises Lawmaking

Tenant REJECTS Landlord’s Job Offers While Paying ZERO Rent For A Year!

The Taliban SEIZES Massive Stockpile of Ammunition/Equipment From Resistance Fighters

SAY WHAT?! The Word “Princess” Is Offensive Now

Meanwhile In Washington: Police Focus On Citing Maskless Citizens

Students & Parents Refuse To Comply To School Mask Mandates—Tyrants Cave!

Teacher Comes Out As “Non-Binary” To His Students

SHOCKING: Teacher Calls Student “Piece Of Sh*t” For Having Mask Below His Nose

Greg Gutfeld hilariously ROASTS Jimmy Kimmel

Throwback: Abortionist Gets Confronted By A Christian, He Goes Full-Crazy.

TikTok Women REACT HYSTERICALLY To the Texas Anti-Abortion Law

14 yr old Girl Who Flipped Off Anti-Mask Protesters Gets Her 15 Minutes Of Fame On CNN

FREAKY: Human-Like Robots Maneuver Thru Obstacle Course With Ease

WATCH: Australia Opens Quarantine CAMPS For Covid Patients

WATCH: Massive Pro-Bolsonaro Rally on Brazil Independence Day

CHILLING: Pregnant American Woman Stuck In Afghanistan Doesn’t Know If She’ll Make It Home

A Look Inside Australia’s STRICT Quarantine Camps

The Labor Secretary Isn't Confident About The U.S Economy Rebounding

INSANE: Joe Scarborough Says That Abortion Is A Right Written Into The Constitution

SHOCKING: Australia PM Andrews— NO HEALTHCARE Unless You Take The Vaccine

Australian Truckers SHUTDOWN Roads To Protest Vaccine Mandates

Parent Rips The School Board About Pro-Antifa Teacher: Y’all Got Caught!

OUTRAGEOUS: Mom Says Teacher Taped Mask To Son’s Face

Parent DESTROYS School Board On Critical Race Theory

Texas Mom DESTROYS California School Board

Pastor Russel Johnson Delivers EPIC SMACKDOWN Against Government Control

Oregon Police Officer Placed On Leave For SPEAKING OUT Against The Tyrannical Mandates

EERIE: Skies Over Nevada, Glowed Fiery Orange From Nearby Wildfires

That One Time Dave Portnoy INTERVIEWED Antifa!

Sen. Warren INSANELY Compares Texas Anti-Abortion Bill To “The Handmaid’s Tale”

WATCH: France Rises Up Against Vaccine Passports

CHILLING: Australia Builds Quarantine Camps

Taliban Shows Off Fleet Of U.S. Military Tanks Left Behind

Mother CRASHES Portland News Presser & TORCHES The Media To Their Face!

High School Teacher BUSTED by Project Veritas For Teaching Communist Garbage

CNN in total MELTDOWN Over The Texas Anti-Abortion Bill

Australian Woman ARRESTED For Breaking The 5 Kilometer Covid Restriction!

Fauci: If 100% Were Vaccinated, We Wouldn’t Be Having This Problem #shorts

Footage shows the Taliban wearing AMERICAN gear w/AMERICAN weapons! #shorts

General McKenzie: “We did NOT get everybody out that we wanted to get out.” #shorts

Clapping BANNED at Oxford University & Replaced With Jazz Hands

SecState Blinken ADMITS To Giving Taliban List Of American Names


Dr. Fauci Moves COVID Goalpost AGAIN... To Fall 2022!

High School Football Team Pays Tribute To Marnie Killed In Afghanistan

WOKE Teacher MOCKS The Pledge Of Allegiance

BEFORE & AFTER: Hurricane Ida Floods Louisiana Within 1 Hour

Pentagon Praise Themselves For "Noble Mission" In Afghanistan

WATCH: Taliban Have Now Completely Locked Down Kabul Airport #shorts

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