Freedom Fights

Freedom Fights

The country’s most electric cultural conversations and debates play out on the streets of America in an informative and entertaining way.

180 Episodes

Empire State Building Lights Up In Honor of First Responders

President Trump Nukes CNN’s Jim Acosta From Space Using Space Force

Top Economist pleads to RE-OPEN parts of America

The Day The United States Got It's First Coronavirus Case, This is What The Left Was Doing

President Trump Warned About Coronavirus in the Speech Speaker Pelosi Tore Up

Even California Gov. Newsom Praises President Trump's Virus Response

China Hasn't Learned: Bats, Cats, & Dogs Back On Sale

President Trump Makes CNN Reporter Admit To Fake News On Live TV

Maddow's Embarrassing Fake News Prediction

World Health Organization Praises President Trump's Leadership

U.S. Space Force Successfully Launches First Rocket Into Orbit

President Trump Sends Off The USNS Comfort

Trump Considers Quarantine In China Virus Hotspots

President Trump to Reporter: Don’t be a “Cutie Pie”

President Trump Signs Coronavirus Emergency Relief Bill Into Law

Inspiring Video: Atlanta Cheers For Medical Personnel at Shift Change

President Trump Asks Bloomberg Reporter: 'How's Michael'?

President Savage Vs. China Virus

President Trump Sets The Record Straight on Coronavirus Response

Sec. Pompeo: The G-7 Discussed China's Disinformation Campaign

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Never Been More Disgusted Since Kavanaugh

Congressman Gaetz: Block Bailouts Of Chinese Owned Companies

Man Dies After Eating Fish Tank Cleaner.. Media Blames Trump

Sen. Graham: If We Don't Pass A Bill, Our Pay Should Be Cut Off

Sen. Kennedy: Pelosi and Schumer "Ought To Hide Their Heads In A Bag"

President Trump Reveals When He Wants To Make America Open Again

President Trump: We Cannot Let The Cure Be Worse Than The Problem Itself

Sen.Ted Cruz Unloads On Leftists forTrying to Sneak Radical Policies into the COVID-19 Bill

Senator John Kennedy Calls Leftist Politicians Stupid To Their Faces

Senator Mitch McConnell Blasts The Left For Blocking COVID-19 Bill

New York To Start Experimental Coronavirus Drug Trials

President Trump: I Will Not Stop Until We Win

VP Pence: Apple is Donating 2 Million Industrial Masks

Secretary of State Pompeo Says 'Chinese Virus'

President Trump Absolutely Roasts Reporter For Sensationalizing Chinese Coronavirus

Senator Cotton: Don't Trust Communist China

President Trump Tells Unfriendly Press To Leave “Immediately” — Their Reaction Is Priceless

President Trump TORCHES Media For ‘Siding with China’ On Coronavirus Outbreak

Reporter Asks If Trump Was "Prepared" For Virus - Trump's Answer Stuns The Room

President Trump Asked About "Kung Flu", His Answer Silences Reporter

President Trump: There's No Question Coronavirus Came From China

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo praises President Trump

President Trump Blasts The Press Over Fake News

Charlie Kirk: The Fight is Not Fair

Protests Break Out Against the Iranian Regime

Senator Ted Cruz on Turning Point USA

President Trump: We Worship God Not Government

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