Freedom Fights

Freedom Fights

The country’s most electric cultural conversations and debates play out on the streets of America in an informative and entertaining way.

180 Episodes

Bill Maher BLASTS Cancel Culture

This Father DESTROYS Critical Race Theory!

EPIC! Jon Stewart RANTS About Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Laura Ingraham: America is EMBARRASSED on the National Stage

Charlie Kirk OBLITERATES Critical Race Theory in Less Than 90 Seconds

Mark Robinson Delivers SCORCHING Warning | America Has Become a 'Socialist Hellhole'!

Don't Forget Your Mask, Kamala!

Anthony Fauci DEFENDS Email Scandal and BLAMES Donald Trump!

Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Lord Fauci's Emails

MLB SUED for Moving All Stars Game Out of Georgia

Candace Owens Calls Out the Modern Left for Being Segregationist with Laura Ingraham

SHOTS FIRED at George Floyd Memorial

Ric Grenell TEARS INTO Toxic Wokeism with Judge Jeanine

10 Year Old Boy Calls Out Mask Hypocrisy In School

Bill DeBlasio BRIBES New Yorkers with French Fries

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Champions Freedom with Sean Hannity

Rand Paul EXPOSES Dr. Fauci on COVID Lies

INSANE | Washington DC BANS Dancing At Weddings!

"It's All Political Theater" | Tucker Carlson Reacts to Bizarre Photo

SHOCKING! LA Teacher Harasses LAPD Officer

Mitt Romney Booed Off Stage!

Rudy Guiliani Speaks Out About Being Raided By The FBI

Bill Maher Calls Out Millennials: "You're Ideas Are Stupid" (Oh, and Gen Z too!)

Candace Owens Shuts Down Angry Leftists Suffering From Victim Mentality

Candace Owens Wrecks Police Brutality

Charlie Kirk: "White Privilege is a Racist Lie"

America is the Least Racist Country in the World | Charlie Kirk Proves Why

Charlie Kirk Destroys Leftist in Less Than 10 Seconds

Charlie Kirk Shuts Down 'Libertarian Socialist' | What Does That Even Mean!?

Charlie Kirk: The Left Embraces Radicalism

Charlie Kirk: Why Does Big Tech Hate Capitalism? Are Google, Facebook, and Apple Cultural Marxists?

The Best Argument for Welfare Reform | Brandon Tatum

Ron DeSantis Can't Stop Winning

My Journey to Conservatism | Brandon Tatum

Americans Need to Toughen Up | Dan Crenshaw

Toxic Masculinity Saved The World | Dana Loesch

Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Anti Semite

Don Jr. DEFENDS Charlie Kirk Against Disruptive Protesters

Alex Clark | The Cult of Leftism

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk SHUT DOWN Socialist

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk WRECK Marxist

Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk RIP Leftist Violence

Tomi Lahren | 3 Keys to Success at a Young Age

Candace Owens | Is White Supremacy on the Rise in America?

Candace Owens DEBUNKS Reparations Scam

Candace Owens OBLITERATES Toxic Masculinity | Let Boys Be Boys

Donald Trump: Our Movement Is Far From Over | We Will Win!

Charlie Kirk SHUTS DOWN America Hater | If You Don't Like America, Leave

Candace WRECKS Race Baiter

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